Give me a kick up the proverbial.

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DarkestBeforeDawn Sat 28-Jan-17 08:32:09

Thank you New, I will go have a look and hopefully find the motivation I need!

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NewYearNewNickname Fri 27-Jan-17 21:28:31

We have a thread for those of us wanting to lose less than a stone, feel free to come and join us there. It definitely gets harder to keep up the motivation when you are not really overweight and the weight is coming off more slowly but it can be done, just takes persistence and determination- much easier said than done I realise!!!

DarkestBeforeDawn Fri 27-Jan-17 15:17:08

So since October I have lost 2 1/2 stone - great right?! I mean, definitely a good thing. I am no longer 'obese' and am only 10lbs off my goal! The problem? I'm stuck in a rut. I have lost motivation and am eating what I want and when I want. I'm still weighing myself regularly and pretty much maintaining but I'm annoyed at myself because I am no longer in the right head space. Can someone help me please? How did you get back on the wagon and make it to your goal? My BMI 'healthy' goal weight is so close yet now feels so far away.

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