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Does this sound like it would work?

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ScuttlbuttHarpy Mon 23-Jan-17 14:43:16

I've been a long time slimming worlder but I love cheese, butter and milk, not keen on fruit unless it is in a smoothie, and will eat most veg. I would prefer to dry fry than use fry light, I cant stand the taste of sweeteners and cut fat off meat as a rule anyway.

I think my problem is carbs, potatoes, pasta, rice, bread. Once I start I cant stop, but I don't enjoy eating them. I'm also a lover of cake crisps and chocolate and have now refused to buy them.

Today I had a smoothie for breakfast, then for lunch I had bbq seasoned chicken breast, half a tomato mug shot (which I barely ate) and half a plate piled with broccoli, spiralised courgette, mange tout, baby corn and carrots. I'm full, and couldn't eat anymore so left the pasta.

I told my friend about this high fat, low carb diet that I had stumbled on. She's wise and I have always trusted what she tells me and she told me that its not wise for me to cut all carbs from my diet as my kidneys wont handle the protein and can cause kidney stones, Also I'm concerned about cholesterol with the lchf, I know they're are cleaner fats, therefore easier for the body to process.

So my question is, if I was to have half of my plate with carbs/protien dairy, then the other half veg or salad, try and cut out all snacking, the majority of sugars (I love my morning coffee, two sugars) and avoid pudding and cake, would I lose weight? at a quick pace say 3-4 lb a week.

Obviously there are going to be times where temptation will be too much but as long as I handle it like a treat to only have if I really want it and have room for it I think I'll be ok.

I don't drink alcohol often. And I'll be trying to drink a lot more water and walking at least once a day.

Also, I read I can make you thin, and I'll be putting some of the things he does into practice, for example, eating slower.

SerenadeOfTheSchoolRun Mon 23-Jan-17 14:46:56

Yes it would probably work. Have a look at the no S diet for something similar. Not sure about any diet enabling a consistent 3-4lb per week weight loss but as long as you find something you can do in the long term it doesn't matter as the weight will come off and stay off.

good luck

73kittycat73 Tue 24-Jan-17 01:46:28

Hi, I'm sort of doing, 'I Can Make You Thin' too. I'm putting my knife and fork down between bites and trying to eat slowly. I don't wait 'till I'm hungry for breakfast though, haven't got time, though I still stick to the putting spoon down, etc. I have been doing the two Friendly Mirror exercises too.
How about you? Are you just doing the eating slower bit or more? How long have you tried?
Good luck with it though. smile (Can't dieting be boring and hard work?! lol )

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