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Can we talk about meal replacement shakes please?

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Iamblossom Fri 20-Jan-17 10:14:03

I have started using one called Cute - vanilla flavour. It tastes nice actually. I make it with water and it is 130 cals per shake.

I do find them quite filling.

I am combining it with 5:2 - I do one FD a week and then a couple of days where I replace one of two meals with a shake.

Which ones do you use? Do you make them with water or milk? Do you combine their usage with any other weight loss plan?

busyboysmum Fri 20-Jan-17 19:35:11

I've bought this off Amazon:

And find it fills me up for hours.

I make it up with milk and some berries - strawberries, blueberries and raspberries.

I'm having porridge for breakfast, this for lunch and then a normal tea. I'm aiming at losing weight slowly and it's working well for me so far. Everything feels a lot looser - I'm not weighing myself so no idea how much weight I have lost but my face looks thinner.

PatriciaBateman Fri 20-Jan-17 19:50:05

I buy 'Shake that Weight', although often shop around to try other products (Atkins, whey proteins, etc), this is the one I come back to.

I make them up with water or almond milk, and find them very filling, although if need a longer boost will add another scoop of a generic whey protein. Approx 135 cals for a serving.

I'm doing low-carb, sort of taking inspiration from the MM blood sugar diet, so on a measley 800 cals/day. But that gives me 2 of these shakes and then a fairly hearty dinner of meat or egg and vegetables/salad.

PatriciaBateman Fri 20-Jan-17 19:50:32

Oh, and have lost just over 1 stone in the past month with quite a few to go.

Heratnumber7 Fri 20-Jan-17 19:57:36

I use Herbalife, but not at weekends. Works for me.

DancingHouse Mon 23-Jan-17 21:33:02

I've just ordered some Cute - strawberry daiquiri flavour apparently. That'll be interesting for breakfast. Also some good old slim fast.

During the week I'm planning on having 1 for breakfast and lunch, an under 100cal snack if I fancy it and then a good dinner. Weekends off but not too much of everything.

Just waiting for the postman to arrive now.

chocolatespiders Tue 24-Jan-17 07:20:22

I bought the superdrug ones last year but have not used them as the calories seem high. Maybe that's because they are mixed with milk maybe I could try half water.
Someone at college told me they tasted good but can't comment as yet to try!
Maybe I will have one this morning and add some frozen raspberries.
Never sure which meal to have them. Breakfast is normally crumpets, lunch is soup. None of these meals are high calorie so don't really need replacing.
Evening is the time I snack and gain weight!

helensburgh Tue 24-Jan-17 07:27:32

I used celebrity slim ( jeez I hate the name) a few years ago and lost 2 stone in 4 months. I started at 10 stone.
I liked the taste I had 2 a day to begin with with a no carb dinner then reduced to 1 with 2 low carb meals.

Pinklemonade16 Wed 01-Feb-17 11:46:14

I've been using protein world shakes for the last week and I definitely feel like I've lost weight but still need to weigh myself which I plan to do today. But I am wondering shall I switch to slimfast ones as protein world are quite expensive

MaLopez Thu 16-Feb-17 12:02:41

Love all the suggestions. Any more please?

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Thu 16-Feb-17 12:06:19

I've just started using Huel. It's not a low calorie shake but is nutritionally complete (if you had 2000cals a day of it) and so filling that it stops any snacking urges, or gorging at meal times.

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