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2017 Wedding weight loss - Brain train?

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Soon2bC Thu 19-Jan-17 10:12:45

Hi, does anyone want to join me for a 2017 Wedding weight loss?
I am getting married in April and need to lose a stone. I went from 13st 1lb to 12st and have put 10lb back on!
I was watching Channel 4 lose weight well last night and they showed a brain training thing that Exeter Uni is doing so I have given that a try this morning.

my target is 12 weeks to lose 14lb

wish me luck!

Flibbertyjibbit Thu 19-Jan-17 18:25:34

Good luck! I am getting married in 2018 so have more time but lots more lose (9 stone to lose!) Have you already started dress shopping?

Soon2bC Fri 20-Jan-17 09:25:53

Good luck for 2018!

I was originally getting married last year so bought my dress 2 years ago (very very cheap in a sale!) it still fits but has got very tight in all the wrong places and is a bit snug to do up so I HAVE to lose weight to fit in properly!
9st is a bigger target! I did manage to lose 6 st in a year a few years ago. was hard work but when it starts dropping off it makes it feel achievable.

do you have a dress in mind yet?

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