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Is This Sustainable? Rate My Diet..

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Lumberries Wed 18-Jan-17 14:08:04

I'm doing weight watchers but I want to make sure my overall diet is healthy so I'm avoiding processed stuff and added sugar wherever I can.

Specific things I'm concerned about:
Am I eating too much fruit?
Is there enough protein?
Am I getting enough veg?

Porridge made with semi-skimmed milk (1 sachet of quaker super grain stuff)
As above but with a banana/ strawberries maybe twice a week
Half a wholewheat bagel, an egg and 1tsp tomato ketchup (reduced sugar version)

Salad. This week it's 25g full fat goats cheese, pomegranate seeds, beetroot, salad leaves, chopped mint and chopped parsley then 40g giant cous cous. I have this with balsamic vinigar and 1/2 tbsp olive oil as dressing.

Last week it was the same dressing but the salad was half an avacado and 1 rasher of bacon.

Roast meat with 2-3 veg, potatoes gravy. Roast pots and parsnips done in the acti-fry.
Chilli and rice (60g dry weight of rice)
Spag Bol (60g dry weight of pasta)
Fish (once a week) usually breadcrumbed white fish (hake, cod, coli etc) with actifry chips and peas or salmon fillet with rice and veg
Stir fry (chicken or prawn) with a packet sauce, usually teriyaki or something and egg noodles
Pork chops, 2 veggies and potato
Same as above but chicken breast

Usually 2 pieces of fruit, so an apple and an orange around lunch time
100cal popcorn (1.2g sugar per portion)
If I have smart points left at the end of the day I'll have a glass of wine, I've also had ben and jerry's icecream (weighed out!) and weighed out some chocolate too.

I'm morbidly obese currently (that's hard to admit) and I@m looking to make long term changes.

I've eaten like this for 2.5 weeks so far with no issues and I've currently lost 4lbs.

Is it ok? do I need to add anything? If I eat like this for a year am I going to damage my metabolism or mess up my body in anyway?

EastDulwichWife Fri 20-Jan-17 14:52:42

Hi Lumberries. Well done on your weight loss, you should be very proud. I don't think there's anything you need to add - that all looks like a healthy and balanced meal plan to me. Nice to see you're not cutting out anything major - I'm sure you'll do just fine. The added benefit of it all sounded so fresh and tasty is that you'll be less likely to fall off the wagon!

You could try cutting out the breaded fish and chips, and replacing with fish fillet and new potatoes? Or maybe alternating so you can still enjoy a classic supper! I'd also think about trying to add a portion of veg with your chilli and spag bol supper? Perhaps some broccoli with your spag and a salad with your chilli? For your snacks, why don't you try an apple and a few almonds instead of two pieces of fruit? Might keep you fuller for longer (they're a staple in our house!).

I wish you all the best in your journey! x

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