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So then what healthy eating diet thing should I do????!!!!!!!!!!!??????????

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Nemo2007 Wed 21-Feb-07 21:17:13

Really need to loose a LOT of weight and plan on starting after the weekend[have dhs 30th and DDs christening this weekend so being realistic] So recommend a plan to me here are a few bits about my eating habits

Cant afford to go to a class

I can cook as long as it doesnt take ages in the kitchen as have 3 under 3.4yrs

I am a snacky eater, will miss breakfast/lunch and then graze on rubbish.

I do like fruit and veg etc but prefer recipes that all family can eat most of time

I like chocolate...too much

Nemo2007 Thu 22-Feb-07 10:54:19

no one?

KathyMCMLXXII Thu 22-Feb-07 11:06:51

OK Nemo, I will help, though I know nothing about diets but am just an irritating know-all who loves sounding off about what other people should eat
(At least it will bump it for you till someone with some actual experience comes along.)

Don't miss breakfast. Eat a big bowl of muesli or porridge or some wholemeal toast and if possible some fruit.

Eat a proper lunch, even if it's just a sandwich, with some fruit.

If you want to graze have fruit or vegetables or something like oatcakes or bits of Ryvita, to fill you up.

NO chocolate during the day, absolutely none.

Then have whatever you would usually have for dinner but not too much if it's fatty, and cook a couple of extra veg to go with it.
Then some fruit if you want.

And then, only then, can you have a little bit of chocolate.

You know it makes sense

TeetheCeeofDavedom Thu 22-Feb-07 11:11:32

Just eat healthily.

Never miss breakfast. Eat fruit, cereal, have smoothies, try rye bread.

Lunch - try and eat fruit half an hour before you eat lunch.
Thenm have a small jack pot and bit of salmon or chicken or make veg soups and eat with rye breads or ryvitas. Salads and some chicken or fish.

Tea - try and cut out any carbs after 7pm. Dont eat fruit late at night.

Drink herbal teas or hot water and lemoon.

Try and cut alcohol out.

Just be sensible.

If you snack sanck on seeds and nuts or a piece of fruit. Buy the good for you fruit and seed barts, not the frostie type of cereal bars.

Allow yourself a bit of chocolate now and then, don't deprive yourself and be miserable.

Live by the be good for 80% of the time rule.

speedymama Thu 22-Feb-07 11:12:08

How about buying a Weightwatchers or Slimming world magazine because they will have family friendly recipes. Also BBC Good Food magazine has over 100 recipes this week detailing calories, % saturated fat etc.

My personal view is that you need to start the day with breakfast as this will alleviate the need to snack. Also, write down everything that you eat - you will be surprised at how much food you eat without thinking. Try to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you need a snack, eat fruit. Also drink lots of water.

You also need to watch your portion size and not overfill your plate. One of the things that I do is fill half my plate with vegetables that have very few calories, eg broccoli, carrots, cabbage, cauliflour etc. Also reduce the amount of fat that you use to cook your food in. Try to grill or bake instead of frying when possible.

Finally, you need to move more. Just walking an extra half a mile a day is a good start. If you can't afford a gym, try a fitness DVD that is appropriate for beginners. The Little Black Dress workout by Zoe Lucker is excellent for someone in your position. When that becomes easy, try one of Davina's DVD (I have the the 3 x 30 minute workout one)

Good luck!

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