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Help me eat less sugar, please.

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Ploppymoodypants Thu 05-Jan-17 21:11:50

Hope this is the right place to post.
I need to cut down in sugar. My teeth are suffering (need 3 fillings and half a crown), plus although I am only a size 10/12 but I am only 5 foot and am actually a stone and half over my ideal weight.

My daily diet looks like this (yes it's bad).
Breakfast - weatabix/porridge/shreddies/cornflakes and spoonful of sugar, plus hot water with ginger, lemon and spoon of honey or tea with 1 sugar

Snack - mars bar or crisps or pain au chocolate

Lunch at work - prawn sandwich, another chocolate bar or crisps, muller corner yoghurt, cheese and crackers. Maybe an apple
Lunch at home- 2 boiled eggs, toast and carrot sticks or raw veg/sardines on toast/beans on toast/pizza

Snack - biscuit or cereal bar or dried fruit and nuts

Supper - spag Bol/ cottage pie/ chicken and pasta/ prawns and rice with chilli sauce/ fajitas/ casserole/ home made curry
Pudding - home made trifle/ice cream,/meringue and fruit,/cheesecake or home made cakes

Once kids in bed - glass red wine. Plus bowl cereal with sugar, malteasers or more cookies

I know it's obvious to stop putting sugar on everything, but then I don't like it. I am looking more easy alternatives.

I eat lots of veg in with supper. But don't really like fruit. In
Probably do 3 or 4 a day but all veg.

I love dairy but am restricted as will only eat high welfare organic which is hard to source.

Thank you for any inspiration.

SillyMummyJan Thu 05-Jan-17 21:46:51

Since I have a lot of protein shakes and stuff lying around, I find that when I get a craving I just have one of those and the craving is gone.

keekaw Thu 05-Jan-17 21:59:08

I cut out sugary things in the summer. I've always been a chocoholic but something shifted in my mind and I decided I just didn't want to eat so much.

My key thing was a chocolate bar at 11ish, so I had a bag of salted popcorn and cup of tea instead (now having just tea and a carrot, if anything).

I stopped having any chocolate or biscuits at home and just have mini bags of breadsticks or popcorn for kids.

You should ban yourself from sugar in drinks - takes a while to get used to it obviously - and then cut it out on cereal once you are used to not having it in drinks.

rookiemere Thu 05-Jan-17 22:09:07

I went cold turkey on all sugary things in the summer after being unable to ignore prediabetic symptoms any more.
It was hard but worth it to stop the sugar slumps. So I no longer eat cakes,biscuits, chocolate, sweetened yoghurts etc.
For breakfast I have poached eggs on toast with smoked salmon. Lunch is some sort of salad I like Tescos superfood salad and add a tin of tuna for extra protein. Dinner is fairly normal but we have always eaten wholewheat spaghetti and rice in preference to white. For snacks I eat a lot of nuts and more cheese than I should have over Christmas. At the minute I am eating a bowl of plain yoghurt - if anyone had told me prior to this that I would enjoy such a thing I would have laughed at them. But if you persevere its amazing how quckly your sweet tooth goes.

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