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How do you treat yourself when losing weight?

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Needmorewine Thu 05-Jan-17 15:14:01

I've got so used to using food / wine as a treat whenever I've had a stressful / bad / boring day and want to get out of that mindset. Today I've bought a lovely bunch of daffs and a magazine. I can't paint my nails as the smell seems to set of my asthma (I know...) and I prefer showers to baths which I see suggested a lot. What other little things can I do to pamper myself that don't involve food or drink ?!

fueledbybacon Thu 05-Jan-17 15:16:23

Ah buying new nail varnish is my thing. Giving myself a proper at home manicure.

Alternatively I buy myself a new book!

TheChampagneGalop Thu 05-Jan-17 15:36:02

Something hobby related.
Nice beauty/bath products.

I'm also interested in reading more suggestions!

hugoagogo Thu 05-Jan-17 15:38:25

Fancy herbal tea.

soitis Thu 05-Jan-17 15:38:54

a nice long walk - on my own.

I am thinking this year of putting money away when I lose weight - or maybe when I do some classes - to treat my self after 6 months or so - haven't thought it through yet -but you get the idea!

Needmorewine Thu 05-Jan-17 16:58:46

Yes I think a long walk no phone or music or anything is lovely. I would love some new make up too may get some end of month if I've stuck to it. Wouldn't mind a facial either. Hmmmmm. Can see this getting expensive! Looking at it now buying chocolate / cake is much easier & cheaper ! But long run it hasn't made me feel very good about myself and I definitely did feel happy when trying on lovely clothes that didn't fit...

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