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The Body Coach January Boot camp

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clippityclock Thu 05-Jan-17 07:19:43

Hi all,

I've just done day 2 of this this morning. Is any one else doing it? I'm hoping by doing this and cutting out refined sugar that I can lose 3 stone by Mid May. Its good.

teaping Thu 05-Jan-17 21:01:47

I tried it this time last year but I only got to the end of cycle one. I found it too restrictive as my social life is largely around eating out etc and I work long hours and often travel for work. I seemed to spend my whole life cooking and exercising! I did give it 100% on the food and 90% on the exercise but I didn't lose any weight and only an inch or two off my waist.

I am instead doing low carb and low sugar, and a few hiits thrown in too, it just not the precision and strictness of BC.

I do very much believe it works though, and know i just wasn't patient enough. I'm sure you will get fab results, so wish you the best of luck! smile

clippityclock Tue 10-Jan-17 21:40:15

Oh I'm not doing the programme just the HIIT workouts he is doing three times a week via Facebook. I'm rubbish at dieting and I've just decided to cut out refined sugar and junk food, I cook all my meals from scratch anyway and tend to batch cook and freeze. So far lost 4lb in 7 days.

I've managed all 4 sessions of his January bootcamp so far. grin

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