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Mediterranean ways of eating anyone?

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autumnchat Wed 04-Jan-17 11:01:49

I have high BP on treatment and PCOS plus underactive thyroid and I just feel so fat, miserable and sluggish!
Have been looking into ways of eating, I can't 'diet' or not eat enough as I get so tired from the BP meds and thyroid problem, so I just need a healthy way of eating.
Has anyone done this? Apparently the BHF advise it and my GP also mentioned it would be a good plan to follow.
I have been out and bought all the ingredients.

For breakfast yesterday and today and I had tomatoes and mushrooms quick fried in garlic olive oil on wholemeal toast with hummus on.

I didn't have lunch yesterday but today will make a salad with fish.

For dinner yesterday I did a roast chicken and baby potatoes in lemon, garlic and onions along with carrots and green beans.

But I can't find much online about it so would welcome a buddy!

I am 5'4 and 12 st 5 so could really do with losing 3 stones! I have never ever been this heavy before, not even when 9 months pregnant.

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