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Lardy Ladies Weigh-In - 19 Feb 2007

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Smalline Tue 20-Feb-07 21:17:36

Bit of a manic week this week! How is everyone doing?

pesme Wed 21-Feb-07 07:42:38

thanks for the thread smalline

10 3 . started going in the wrong direction but in my defence i have had a bug and not been able to exercise adn have been at dh's mercy regarding meals. good luck everyone else.

HeavyBee Wed 21-Feb-07 10:32:32

Yes, my week's been like that too, but at least I've lost a pound again. Great news, Chickenrice, and welcome, Maycontainstress, good to have you along. Don't worry, Pesme, it'll be back to normal when you're better, which I hope is soon - in the meantime enjoy being cooked for!

Smalline Wed 21-Feb-07 21:23:42

Stayed the same this week and I'm counting my blessings. Pancakes last night, and apple muffins last week which myself and the kids made. Annoying thing was, they refused to eat them, I should have known better as they don't eat cakes (unike their mum), they just enjoy making them.

We're going to make chocolate rice crispy things this week, but I mustn't have any as I've given up chocolate for lent.

You're welcome Pesme and good luck for next week you have done so well so far.

willandsamsmum Wed 21-Feb-07 21:58:23

Thanks for the thread Smalline.

12st 8lbs this week which means I'm two pounds off a stone. My BF asked me to be her bridesmaid in october so I have an added incentive now. I've never been a bridesmaid before and I really don't want to be a fat one!

Pesme - Hope you are feeling better now. {{hug}}

Heavybee - Well done!

Smalline Tue 27-Feb-07 22:21:33

Anybody out there? here is this weeks thread.

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