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Weight watchers and 5:2 combined. Mad?

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ILoveAGoodBrusselSprout Sun 01-Jan-17 21:27:10

I will be returning to weight watchers shortly - I like smart points flexibility and rigidity (complete oxymoron, I know, but I just mean that I go nuts with too much flexibility so I need restrictions without completely shutting down my choices).

Anyway, I like the idea of 5:2 and the benefits to longevity and how fasting is thought to fight against cancer so I wondered if I could combine.

Does anyone have any thoughts or knowledge of how it may not be the right thing to do?

Gooseygoosey12345 Sun 01-Jan-17 21:39:15

Personally, I don't think there's enough proof for 5:2 and weight watchers should be enough on its own. Good luck smile

MrsDustyBusty Mon 02-Jan-17 21:51:34

Well I was thinking about this earlier. As I see it, you need to go maybe 35% of your alloted points on your 2 days and 35 points on your 5 days. That should give you the total number of points for the week assuming you use your other points on the 5 days.

That way you're taking in the benefits of intermittent fasting while having just you ww points.

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