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Weightloss smoothies

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Girlboymummy Sun 01-Jan-17 15:50:03

Recently bought a blender that I want to make full use of for a couple of weeks detox. I was thinking to have one for breakfast and lunch each day and either chicken or steak and veg for my evening meal. Anyone recommend any recipes that are low calorie but still filling

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Girlboymummy Sun 01-Jan-17 19:37:10


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PurpleDaisies Sun 01-Jan-17 19:39:19

Smoothies just aren't filling and you can easily pack them full of calories. You're better eating actual vegetables in their proper form for more fibre. Make sure you have a decent amount of protein too-that's what will keep you full.

Murphysgirl Sun 01-Jan-17 19:42:51

Completely,early agree with Purple. Fruit smoothies are very high in sugar and an easy way to consume excess calories. They won't fill you up at all. Vegetable smoothies are good though.

mustbemad71 Sun 01-Jan-17 19:51:00

Good Morning Smoothie from Louise Parker's Lean for Life is delish. It's one scoop of sugar free chocolate protein powder, one shot of espresso - chilled, half a frozen banana, tbsp of oatbran and 250ml almond milk (or semi-skimmed). Also check out Pinterest - loads on there.

superram Sun 01-Jan-17 19:51:41

You would be better off cutting up the same amount of veg (rather than fruit) and chomping on that all day. It is much harder to eat 3 carrots and oranges than it is to drink them!

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