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Calorie count or slimming world???

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williwonti Sat 31-Dec-16 09:52:23

Which is the easiest to stick to? Most effective? I have 1.25 stone to lose (minimum) and need to do with it with some exercise as it wont happen otherwise. I have lost on sw before but found the lack of snacks difficult. I guess i need to do the "easiest" to stick to. What's the general consensus on what that is?

Ka1978 Sat 31-Dec-16 11:55:30

I'm in the same situation - have tried both before but I think I'm going to go with calorie counting this time. I struggle with portion control so think that I still eat too much when doing SW on the basis that I'm eating free foods so it doesn't matter!

Interested to see what other opinions you get because I'm not starting until tomorrow so could still change my mind!

Good luck!

Buttwing Sat 31-Dec-16 12:06:36

Slimming world definitely. I'm greedy I would hate to run out of calories or points at the end of the day.
I'm lots of people will be along soon telling you sw is based round eating lots of muller lights and stuff with loads of sweetener in. Yes you can eat it, but you don't have to. I don't and I lost 3 stone last year. It's just a low fat healthy eating plan. Pretty much everything is cooked from scratch which is great as long as you don't mind cooking!!

mummypig14 Sun 01-Jan-17 14:52:29

I've calorie counted whilst following a slimming world plan and the lack of fat means I actually eat way fewer calories than I usually do!

I can't seem to stick to either, but at least I feel less guilty on slimming world - lf I've run out of calories and I'm starving it's the worst!

williwonti Sun 01-Jan-17 15:13:33

I've tried both but i think i am going to opt for calorie counting on mfp from tomorrow. I can choose my meals that way i guess. It has to happen this time....

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