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Bodycoach or weightwatchers

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Sparkygal Thu 29-Dec-16 10:13:24

I have 2 stone to lose. (Was 1 stone, but then a holiday to USA and Christmas happened!confused)

I am still consuming chocs, cheese, junk, alcohol etc but all ready to make the change from January. By summer I aim to be at my goal.

So, now deciding which one I am going for. I have done WW before and it worked but the plan has changed over the years, but am also leaning towards The Bodycoach - is it too strict though?

What are your thoughts on both?

MancMum01 Thu 29-Dec-16 13:33:49

I have done both and still need to lose 2 stones - so take my view with pinch of salt -ed caramel!

WW is easier to do with a family - BC requires a lot of prep and can be quie expensive and is more limited in the food range .. but BC has quicker results.. my family now eat at lot of BC food from the books which are great - but not part of the plan.. so I am thinking of adapting the plan in Jan for our evening meals and then focusing on being on plan for the meals I eat alone..

Good luck!

Mandy16 Thu 29-Dec-16 15:02:20

Hi, I've just been weighing (!) up a very similar dilemma, except I've been choosing between Freedom Diet Coach and Weight Watchers (both offered to me by my GP).

From looking into it, the Freedom Diet Coach option sounds similar to the Body Coach, in that it's an online diet plan, except it appears to be more family-friendly and made up of meals I can feed everyone together. I'm personally not keen on the idea of going to a group weigh-in every week (WW), but can see how the accountability would help me stay on plan, but I'll be required to submit my weight each week by email to the Freedom diet coach so I'm hoping that will keep me focused.

From what I've seen of him, the Body Coach plan relies heavily on following his accompanying work outs, which, whilst I exercise regularly, I don't enjoy HIIT style exercise and would prefer to follow my own regime.

Good luck in your decision - I feel better already having just decided!

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