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20kg in 2017

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MountainPeaks Wed 28-Dec-16 16:13:56

I've been feeling really glum about my weight recently (body in general actually) and I've decided to try and lose 20kgs. I was wondering if there is anyone else looking to lose the same amount?

I have a big event in May so I'd like to be around 12 kgs lighter by then.

I plan to cut my portion size, eat healthily and exercise more frequently. Also do some strength and toning instead of just cardio.

MancMum01 Thu 29-Dec-16 16:01:50

This is pretty much my plan for next year - except I need to be slimmer and fitter for holiday in April .. Want to lose 20lb by then - going to do dry January to start and up the exercise - just ordered callanetics and pilates DVD to support the tone - running for the flab ..

I need to do this as I am so bored of being this much overweight and not really doing anything about it .. considering counselling to support me as I go ..

notagiraffe Thu 29-Dec-16 18:07:11


I'll join you. I need to lose a bit less than that, realistically, but definitely need to aim for 10-15kg. I'm currently 11 stone 4lbs of flab (probably more - not weighed since before Christmas) and would like to be 9 stone 4-7lbs of toned muscle.

I want to do it with a high fibre diet with loads of veg, fruit, lean protein and complex carbs.
Will definitely join you for Dry January. Even DH is up for it this year!

Also plan to get off tube one stop early and walk some of the way to and from work (adds about 20 mins walk each day) and use stairs not lifts.

Ideally want to include Zumba and Yoga but realistically work and commute take 12-13 hours a day and I'm too shattered to whizz out again in the evenings. Will try to do HIIT though, and swim and walk at weekends.

My downfall is will power. I have none. DH doesn't mind me at this weight and the house is full of rubbishy snacks he buys for DC even though I ask him not to. But if I gave him a list of stuff that's OK to have in the house, he'd probably stick to it.

Any tips on motivation?

MancMum01 Fri 30-Dec-16 09:41:12

Willpower is my biggest problem - I have started about 800 diets and never got past day 2 - so many bad habits. I really need to re-arrange kitchen so cheese and bread my go-to food groups, are out of the way. I am going to walk more and use the time to listen to some hypnotherapy apps telling me to eat less - not convinced it will work but better than not doing it!

I am about 12 stone 10 of pure flab and aiming for 2 stone off by holiday - starting to cut back now ready for Sunday - not much of a drinker during the week but have found myself every night now automatically pouring self glass of wine .. so easy to get addicted ...

MountainPeaks Fri 30-Dec-16 22:38:20

Motivation and willpower are issues for me too. Particularly if I don't see progress continuously. I am hoping the chance to buy new clothes in a smaller size may inspire me. That and feeling lighter. Who knows?

Anyone else doing Dry January?

I haven't been on the scales for a month. Almost dreading Sunday, but it can only get better right?

MountainPeaks Sat 31-Dec-16 12:00:18

I have been on the scales.

80.9 Nudie.

Not sure if I should take a "before" photograph for motivation? I am slightly worried I am going to fail and I haven't even started yet. Also, I am two drinks away from Dry January and already wondering how the heck I am going to get through the month. Might actually start a Dry January thread in Chat.

MarzipanPiggy Sat 31-Dec-16 14:25:15

Can I join?

I've failed to lose the baby weight after DC2 and was about 76kg before Christmas, and probably more now. Aiming for about 65kg.

What tactics is everyone else using?

I'm going to go big on exercise as I used to be quite fit and would like to get some fitness back. Weekly personal trainer sessions focused on core strength to help with my back pain. Planning to add 1-2 runs plus 1-2 swims each week on top of that.

Food wise I'm thinking cutting out all treats and cutting out other sugar where possible (e.g. bread, pasta). I'm thinking full fat yoghurt and fruit for breakfast, some sort of soup for lunch and a lean meat and veg type dinner.

I feel slimmer already having written all that smile. Can't wait for my old clothes to fit.

How often will you weigh? Weekly?

MarzipanPiggy Sat 31-Dec-16 14:28:30

Re motivation:

Fitting into old clothes is a big one for me. Also looking at photos of the fitter me!

I also want to set a good exercise and body imagine example for the children. They'll never hear me say a word about dieting or being too fat, but I'd like us as a family to get into healthy habits.

MountainPeaks Sun 01-Jan-17 11:34:55

Yes of course Marzipan. I'm going to be bad and weigh daily on our dodgy home scales but may do a weekly weigh at Boots on the fat machine!

I am down to 80.2 today with clothes on (this is the dodginess of the scales).

Just made bulletproof coffee to go alongside breakfast in an attempt to decrease snacking today. It was actually really nice.

"I also want to set a good exercise and body imagine example for the children. They'll never hear me say a word about dieting or being too fat, but I'd like us as a family to get into healthy habits." I can really resonate with this - I don't have children yet but we were thinking of TTC this year (although DP is really unwell so may not be this year, or next).

MarzipanPiggy Sun 01-Jan-17 13:44:47

Wow Mountain! That is some progress! I know what you mean about dodgy scales though, so frustrating. Ours are odd too and sometimes after a couple of days of eating virtually nothing it'll indicate 2kg more than before! That's why I think I'm better off weighing once a week.

So far so good here on the 'no treats' front, although it's tricky as we are still at PILs until Wednesday and they like serving cake roughly every 45 minutes... I've been virtuously sipping my tea...

Now off for a walk in the woods with the DC. Proper exercise will start on Friday...

MountainPeaks Mon 02-Jan-17 09:44:47

Marizipan How was the walk? Sorry to hear no treats is going tricky.

Well, day two here and the scales are telling me I am back to 80.9. Yesterday afternoon they told me I was 72.4 ... I think I may just stick to reliable scales once in a while!

I ran yesterday and will go rowing this afternoon. Working all day today so should keep my mind off snacking!

MarzipanPiggy Mon 02-Jan-17 12:21:07

Your scales definitely sound frustrating Mountain. Great exercise plans though, very impressive. What are you doing food wise? Any good recipes? And are you allowing treats at all?

DH (who is joining me on this journey!) is all for weight watchers ready meals and tinned soup, but I don't think that will work for me as I really need to cut out sugar. I'm envisaging big plates of stir fried vegetables and prawns / fish instead.

Right now of course I'm just having to eat with the rest of the family as we are guests here so last night was pasta with cheese sauce and prawns, not ideal. Just keeping an eye on portion sizes.

I'll report a starting weight when I'm back home, probably on Thursday. I shudder to think what I might be. A lot of my weight is in the stomach area and on recent photos I look about 5 months pregnant. I'm not even joking! Something needs to be done. I'm 1.70m tall by the way, so think I should be aiming for 65kg.

MountainPeaks Mon 02-Jan-17 14:22:26

Currently reading reviews on scales. Think we need a new set.

Stomach is my issue - and my butt sort of hangs half way down the back of my legs. With regards to food - I have tried to make is sustainable so I can carry it on all year - so I have swapped snacks to dark chocolate, trying to cut way back on sugar, cut out alcohol (for Dry January) to improve my drinking habits and I've cut out processed / pre-packaged foods... Trying to cook from scratch or batch cook and freeze.

Hope you are all having a nice day!

Musicaltheatremum Mon 02-Jan-17 14:25:52

I'm about 90kg. Have put on 5kg over recent months and Christmas and new year has not helped. I want to loose 20kg this year. I have a personal trainer but she can't make me eat properly. I will start properly this week. Ate all the left over cheese last night and had indigestion and reflux at 1am ugh !

MarzipanPiggy Mon 02-Jan-17 14:46:44

Oh interested to hear how you go with your personal trainer musical! I have the first meeting with mine on Friday to discuss aims / objectives. Have been told by my friend he's brutally honest so I'm a little scared! Will report back. But as you say the food bit is up to us...

Impressed with the batch cooking... work / dc combination here is quite full on so I need things that are quick and healthy. I think I'll be relying heavily on things like scrambled eggs etc.

DH is of the opinion that Friday night pizza is an institution that must remain in place, I'm not so sure...

MancMum01 Mon 02-Jan-17 15:04:18

I have used trainers a lot - but as they say you cannot out exercise a bad diet - and I have proved that - expensively - many times.. hence this time going to get help for the main issues which are between my ears..

I think it is important to build in a small treat if you are to stay on track - so I would not want to miss out on my family friday night treat night but I will just limit self to maybe just one piece of pizza and add more salad than usual

I just sorted out clothes - I have 2 large bags of lovely unworn stuff I bought on idea I would slim into it . ha! I have bagged it all up except for one pair of jeans I intend to try on each week to keep me motivated - must be about £2K worth of clothes so I am not buying new .. I have whole new wardrobe waiting for me .. now if I can just stop dreaming about the cheese in fridge ....

MountainPeaks Mon 02-Jan-17 19:59:44

Musical indigestion sounds horrible. Equally crappy night sleep worrying about how I am going to survive Dry January. The end of January seems a long way away. And hadn't quite realised how much alcohol was aiding my sleep.

Marzipan do you make the pizzas or are they takeaway? I guess if they are takeaway one alternative would be to buy supermarket based ones and add toppings to them - let the kids add to theirs too. That way you could get thin crusted ones and give them a health kick. If you are interested in trying to make your own bases DP has a good recipe - let me know and I will ask him it does take some time in the airing cupboard to rise though.

So personal trainers - my first one was a disaster as she was too pushy. Second one has been great (stopped now). I basically used the sessions to get me into a routine - so I asked for homework and stretches to do. I also kept a food diary which mine would glance over at the end of each session whilst I was stretching. It was helpful to build confidence and get myself into a routine. I also brought a fake TRX system which I much prefer to using the gym - I do it outside on a tree so I get all the benefits of fresh air too.

Manc I have four pairs of skinnier jeans at least. I can't even get one thigh into them at the moment... I've also dug out photos of me when I was around my goal weight for inspiration. I totally agree with your sentiment on the fact you can't out exercise a bad diet.

Feeling a bit rubbish tonight - not sure if it's the lack of alcohol, the lack of sugar or something brewing but I am going to try and have an early night. Hope you all have a nice evening.

MountainPeaks Tue 03-Jan-17 08:58:52

Failed at sticking to reliable scales (although have had a couple of looks on amazon for a new set - any suggestions?).

79.3 today with pjs, bleary eyes and post pee.

Seem to have got rid of whatever was brewing inside me last night too!

Have a good day everyone smile

MarzipanPiggy Tue 03-Jan-17 11:32:23

Wow Mountain that's a good result on the weight front. And glad you're feeling a bit better too today. That's excellent news.

I'm feeling really down about the whole thing at the moment, frustrated not to be able to get started properly here at PIL house and generally unhappy with my wobbly tummy. Basically life here seems to consist of sitting on the sofa and eating food or cake. It's only until tomorrow when we go home but I'm really dreading the scales!

Friday night pizza has been dominos here I'm afraid, really terrible! Ordered after the (still quite young) DC are in bed as a sort of reward for getting through the week... I think we've now compromised on swapping to the local posh pizzeria which does thin and crispy ones instead...

MountainPeaks Thu 05-Jan-17 10:15:01

Hey everyone! Hope you are all well.

Day 5 - and there's some new scales on the way to our home. I caved and did an Amazon order yesterday. The reviews look good so hopefully they will be accurate. 79.9 today on the dodgy ones with PJs on.

It's freezing cold here this morning (-5).

Marzipan Pizza swap sounds good. Hope you guys are home safe and sound now. I actually like the idea of having a reward each week - may introduce that for DP for surviving the week with me.

I managed a short run / walk yesterday. It was intended to be I had to change plans after 3km as I felt dreadful. So walked / ran the rest of the way home. We go on holiday next week - not entirely sure how it's going to go with weight loss (or Dry January).

NashvilleQueen Thu 05-Jan-17 10:22:53

Lurking for the mo. Going to start on Monday 9th when we are all back at school/work. Following a slimming world type programme and cutting back on booze. Hoping to lose around 16kg.

MarzipanPiggy Thu 05-Jan-17 10:59:41

Hi Nashville - welcome.

MountainPeaks I am excited about your new scales. And maybe you will find that your dodgy ones indicated too much! Well done for the run. It's hard going isn't especially in cold air - I seem to struggle to breathe even more then. I'm going for a run tomorrow - today I am back at work and have to rush home to the DC afterwards so no time to exercise.

Proper start to the diet today though! Greek yoghurt (no honey) with blueberries and low sugar muesli for breakfast. Planning a soup and salad lunch, and then salmon with veggies for dinner. Oh joy. I'm very interested in healthy and especially low carb recipes if anyone has them. I already miss my toast.

Oh by the way I chicken out of weighing myself this morning. Can't handle the post Christmas shock. Maybe tomorrow...

NashvilleQueen Thu 05-Jan-17 20:22:56

It really is just laziness on my part. I'm a good cook, I love loads of vegetables/protein and good carbs. I prefer eating healthy food. But don't. I sabotage myself every time. It's ridiculous and I want to change it so much.

MarzipanPiggy Fri 06-Jan-17 09:24:12

Sounds like you have everything going for you Nash!

The deed is done ladies I stood on the scales this morning.... 76.6kg, but then I stood on it again (silly me) and it said 77.4kg. Either way it's a long way from 65 so lots of work to be done?

Anyone else get massive head aches from reducing their sugar intake? I wonder how long those last.

Just back from a run, 25 minutes, no idea of distance covered. It was slow going though.

MountainPeaks Fri 06-Jan-17 11:18:30

Hi Nash - Welcome! I can resonate with the wanting to change, but not always following through with it feelings! Definitely!!

Marzipan - well done on the run! And well done on doing the deed! I am going to test scales for a few days and then drop down to only weighing twice a week.

Scales have arrived and are reading heavier than the dodgy ones... So, I've weighted in at 80.8 (I think; already struggling to remember and I only did it 10 minutes ago). They at least seem to be consistent with telling me the same weight over a ten minute interval!

Managed to cave on dry January yesterday (opps) and had one drink.

Having a bit of an argument / fight to get my implant removed... There's only one doctor that does it at our surgery and he's refusing to take it out. I am usually pretty open to gender neutrality but I am starting to question why they've let a man who has no idea what it's like to have a period let alone constant bleeding for 18 months be the one who gets to decide who has their implants removed and who doesn't. It's put me in my first bad mood of 2017...

Food wise - I usually stick to paleoish stuff - happy to share some of the links if anyone wants? I also tend to adapt the recipes a bit to make them more "us"... We tend to eat a lot of Israeli / Middle Eastern dishes and a lot of soups. I then go and have a huge snack feast in between each meal...

Has anyone tried bullet proof coffee? I am doing a homemade version and it's cut down my snack cravings on each day I've had it. Also making smoothies for breakfast, but I think I need to eat more on run days to avoid the "almost collapse" feeling I had earlier this week. Am going to try run later. Am running 10k on Sunday in a race thing (only my second, and i don't race)...

Hope Friday Night treat nights are nice for everyone!

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