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DoubleGin Tue 27-Dec-16 16:20:16

Just wondering if anyone has had a lot of success with this ?
My first week went really well, I lost 3lbs, following week gained 2 even though I followed it properly !
I want to stick with it as the idea of it works well for me however I really need to get this weight off, just looking for a bit of reassurance that it does work. any suggestions would be welcome.
I lost 2 stone with slimming world before I started 5:2 my weight plateaued with SW and I needed something to shake things up a bit

Thanks in advance !

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QuimReaper Tue 27-Dec-16 20:59:15

It works really well for me, but I think a bit of up and down on the scales is quite normal with it! What I appreciate most about it is that it's sustainable for me: I've managed to not have a single week off over the festive period even though I was only half determined to stick to it once Christmas started to loom, and that's been quite a surprise for me. (That's assuming the 29th goes to plan fwink)

There is a positive wealth of information in the 5:2 / intermittent fasting forum though, I'd get yourself over there for lots of inspiration!

DoubleGin Wed 28-Dec-16 07:27:42

Oh thank-you !!

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