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Welcome to the MN Weight Loss Support Group.

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lovelearning Tue 27-Dec-16 06:20:04

This group was created to provide motivation and moral support to those serious about losing weight in 2017.

Guidelines for Members

1. Dieting is not allowed. The Support Group will help you to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

2. The Support Group will meet every morning in preparation for morning walk (and other exercise regimes).

3. Any Member experiencing the temptation to binge should appeal to the Support Group for assistance. The Support Group will bolster your willpower and provide distraction.

4. Problems in other areas of life can interfere with weight loss goals. The Support Group will empathise, and give practical advice when appropriate.

5. Members will celebrate each other's successes. A victory for one is a victory for all.

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UserOne Tue 27-Dec-16 07:54:33

I love the sound of this. But i don't do mornings blush
I'd be a late morning person checking in

lovelearning Tue 27-Dec-16 14:20:22

Life doesn't begin at slim.

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Weatherforecaster Tue 27-Dec-16 16:49:46

My new life starts next Tuesday. Around 4 stone to lose, maybe more but intend to lose most of this in 2017.

I've made good changes from Sept this year. I've had a personal trainer, joined a swimming club and can now run 5km. Just haven't lost any weight as on still eating too much and too many sugary treats.

Weatherforecaster Tue 27-Dec-16 16:51:38

I currently weigh just under 14 stone. Never admitted that!

HerChristmasFattyness Tue 27-Dec-16 16:54:37

Hello. I have 6-7st to lose blush
I started this year but this year has been awful. A lot of things have gone wrong for me but now I'm finally free of my controlling relationship and I'm ready to be me again. (The me I loved...the me that was not nearly 17 stone blush)

badhotfanny Tue 27-Dec-16 17:01:17

Ok, this sounds perfect for me - particularly the binge distraction feature smile

I'm over 11 stone - overweight through teenage years until at 27 and 12 stone decided to lose. Maintained at 9.11-10.1 for years, including having two children. Until about 18 months ago - now over 11 again sad

Plan is to get to and maintain at 9.7.

I binge. Hate myself.

I also run, which I love, and am running my first marathon in April. I need to be fit and healthy, ready to go.

I KNOW that when I eat healthily I feel so much better. So why do I keep stuffing the cake in? hmm

OhHolyFuck Tue 27-Dec-16 17:01:34

the first rule of mn weight loss support group is that we don't talk about mn weight loss support group

I'm in! Got a lot to lose but my New Years resolution is to be selfish this year and do it once and for all

Thinking of joining slimming world, anyone done it?

HerChristmasFattyness Tue 27-Dec-16 17:02:52

feels even fatter because everyone seems to be much thinner than me blush

MidnightVelvetthe7th Tue 27-Dec-16 17:12:55

< sticks head round door>

Hi I'd like to join please, I'm embarrassed to say I have about 6st to lose ideally smile

It's been an up and down few years and I put on 4st when I stopped smoking! Now in a place where I can concentrate on my weight and like you all I want to lose a big chunk of weight in 2017.

This is our year! smilesmile

Catlady1976 Tue 27-Dec-16 18:01:48

Can I join? Lost weight last year but appear to have regained most of it. Back up to about 14 stone which is shocking for my height. Need to get back to swimming but never seem to have any energy.

openingthexmasspirit Tue 27-Dec-16 18:27:04

I would like to join, have put on lots of weight since giving up smoking and I was overweight already. So I need to lose ideally 6 stone but have been happy with being 4 stone lighter . My god that sounds daunting written down, I'm an avid gym goer but also an avid food eater would be good to have some people to swap ideas with am debating slimming world ? Anyone done this succesfully

MsAwesomeDragon Tue 27-Dec-16 18:32:16

I'd like to join too. I'm currently about 14 stone, but that's because Ive already lost about 2 stone since august fgrin

I'm assuming for about 10 stone eventually, so 4 stone to lose. I WILL be slim by the end of 2017 i may have said this every year since dd1 was born 17 years ago, but this time it's actually going to happen

Middleoftheroad Tue 27-Dec-16 18:32:21

I'm in but evenings work best.

Got about 2 stone to lose. I was a Weight Watchers Gold after losing 4 stone but crept up.
I did try Slimming World but as I am veggie, found that eating big bowls of pasta saw me GAIN weight. I want to eat healthily. Hummus and carrot sticks for snacks rather than Stilton and Dorritos.

I am rubbish at exercise too.

So many lovely work clothes but they are now too tight.

ICantThinkOfAUsernameH Tue 27-Dec-16 18:47:47

I've been recommended to join this thread, I've a lot to lose, not sure how much as I'm too ashamed to even weigh blush.

Weatherforecaster Tue 27-Dec-16 18:59:40

Do a weigh in. It is what it is.

crunched Tue 27-Dec-16 19:03:28

Lost 4 stone with WW three years ago but have put two of those back on.
If I could only get motivated again, I know how much better my life is when I'm carrying less weight, I know how to lose weight. So what is stopping me?

Salobrena Tue 27-Dec-16 19:31:39

I have 5 stone to loseblush. I just feel horrible and the extra weight is impacting on my joints.
I have signed up to do a sponsored event this Summer, so I have a goal to aim for and keep me motivated.
I am in a rut and this is one of my changes for 2017

ICantThinkOfAUsernameH Tue 27-Dec-16 19:52:03

weather I really need too I'm just to scared sad I'm ashamed of myself getting like this.

MsAwesomeDragon Tue 27-Dec-16 19:53:34

icant do a weigh in. You don't need to tell us, you don't need to weigh regularly, but ime it makes a difference in the future that you can see how far you've come. Or if you prefer to just use clothes sizes that's fine too, but I'm still wearing the same clothes I was wearing at my start weight (having lost 2 some already) because they were right and are now very loose, so clothes sizes change more slowly than the scales.

MsAwesomeDragon Tue 27-Dec-16 19:54:41

None of us are going to judge you in any way, we're all here too, in the same position as you.

HerChristmasFattyness Tue 27-Dec-16 20:01:14

Icant I understand you feel embarrassed, I do too. I hate being so big.
But none of us will judge you.
My current weight is 16st 9. Which isn't as bad as the 16St 12 I was on the 16th of december, but not good either. (Ignore the muck on my scales blush, I'll go clean them)

ICantThinkOfAUsernameH Tue 27-Dec-16 20:01:22

That's true; I need to face up to it instead of burying my head in the sand.
I even threw my scales away blush

Canklesofglitter Tue 27-Dec-16 20:42:46

Is there room for another one?

A lot to lose. Feels daunting though with a full on FT job plus kids plus big commitment as a volunteer (Chair of governors at a failing school).

I need discipline to keep me on track but can't cope with slimming groups.

I can probably fit in a walk most mornings but it will be early!

MsAwesomeDragon Tue 27-Dec-16 21:20:59

I've got a ft job, 2dcs and volunteer as well cankle. We can do it together. I'm thinking of getting up early each morning to fit in a walk, I might even upgrade that to a run unlikely, but never say never once I get a routine going. I do like my bed though, so I'm unsure how well I will do at getting up early.

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