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If you'd like to lose weight in 2017, come and join this thread

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tectonicplates Sun 25-Dec-16 20:13:08

I'd like to lose about a stone. So I'm going back to my old system of writing down everything I eat, to make myself more accountable and stop eating random unhealthy stuff that I forget about twenty minutes later. The next few months of cold will be featuring lots of soup, and herbal tea instead of hot chocolate. This method usually works for me, so I need to get back on it.

Christmasmice Sun 25-Dec-16 20:14:32

Brilliant. I'm in. Starting a Whole30 tomorrow and I can't wait. I've not eaten loads bit still too much for comfort.

Alfieisnoisy Sun 25-Dec-16 20:15:26

I'm in too....need to.

Itwillbefine1 Sun 25-Dec-16 20:24:22

I'll be 50 in May and I need to lose . I'm in.

cheeseandcrackers77 Sun 25-Dec-16 20:33:25

I'm in. Would like to lose a stone by October (40th birthday then). Won't be easy I'm fussy and love carbs sad thankfully I don't have a sweet tooth so all the Christmas chocolate doesn't tempt me but the crisps we have in are a temptation.

clpsmum Sun 25-Dec-16 20:36:07

I'm in I've just joined slimming world

tectonicplates Sun 25-Dec-16 20:36:21

I really need to stop stress-eating if I've had a bad day or PMT. Carbs like rice or pasta are always better than chocolate and crisps. Also fewer takeaways would help.

Lovelymonkeyninetynine Sun 25-Dec-16 20:39:41

Me! I'm in. I'm at my heaviest and really determined to shift the weight (again) this year. I have 2 stone to lose (again).

OurMiracle1106 Sun 25-Dec-16 20:40:48

I'm in. Although I started at end of November and joined the gym. I'd like to lose 3 stone in total. So far I've lost 6lb in weight and 1.5inches off my fattest bit of belly

IhatchedaSnorlax Sun 25-Dec-16 20:41:02

Id like to join too although I won't start until the New Year blush. I think for me, similar to you Op, if I consciously eat (helped by writing it down) & avoid eating due to boredom or stress & cut down on takeaways, then that should work. Good luck all flowers

SundaeLieIn Sun 25-Dec-16 20:41:10

I'm in too. 5 stone to lose. Sigh.

Potnoodlewilld0 Sun 25-Dec-16 20:41:43

I'm in! I've never been so big :-(

I need to shift this baby weight and the bloody weight I put on after the birth 🙈

WillWorkForShoes Sun 25-Dec-16 20:41:57

I'm in. My weight has slowly crept up over the past 5 years and I would love to lose 4 stone (although that would take me to my age 22 weight, so three stone is probably more realistic). My problem is I tend to associate not eating and being thin with being unhappy. I really need to break my emotional associations with food.

badhotfanny Sun 25-Dec-16 20:42:50

I'm nit starting proper until the new year either. 40th at the end of January - too late for target weight but next year is going to be a good one!

TheZeppo Sun 25-Dec-16 20:44:51

Me please! A stone I reckon. Meh.

Count me in!

Misshatter Sun 25-Dec-16 20:46:56

Oh count me in too! Two stone down and one to go.

CryHavoc Sun 25-Dec-16 20:47:57

I'm in. Starting on Jan 2nd I think. Two stone would be brilliant, one would do.

WhichEndIsUp Sun 25-Dec-16 20:48:10

I'm in - although not weight as much as I want to lose the pot belly I seem to have. About 4 months gone, is what I look like and I feel really self-conscious. So confused about all the conflicting eating ideas though, I just don't know which will work although I like the idea of writing everything down. Mindless snacking is a big problem for me, as is portion control. And carbs. And sugar. And cream in my coffee....blush

Runningbutnotscared Sun 25-Dec-16 20:48:30

I'm in. I've lost a stone since my baby was born in September but have another four 😱 To loose.
I am desperate! I'm so fat, nothing fits, not even my fat person clothes. It's hard to move around. I am shocked when I look in the mirror because I no longer look like me. In photos I recognise myself from what I am wearing rather than my many chined face.
I am invisible to the opposite sex (although that could be the two dc under two or the lovely dh swinging from my arms) or it could be that I look like the side of a house.
I want to feel happy about myself again. And confident. Mostly I feel hungry and empty.

insertcleverusername Sun 25-Dec-16 20:49:07

Count me in: I had a baby 14 weeks ago, lost a bit of weight and just finished couch to 5k, but the festive period has taken its toll on my waistline confused feeling very flabby.

TheInterruptingSheep Sun 25-Dec-16 20:49:32

Yes, count me in. Boredom eating after the kids have gone to bed is my major downfall sad.

hibouhibou Sun 25-Dec-16 20:49:39

Going to start tomorrow.

Need to lose 2.5/3 stones, piled it on in pregnancy and since DDs birth last year.

Going to cut out sugar. Drink lots of water. Smaller portions. More fruit and veg in meals and more protein as it fills me up.

Also going to try some mind control. Need to stop myself from thinking about chocolate. If I don't think about it, I won't eat it. Plus, more time outside. The cold or thinking people are judging me for being fat are poor excuses to not leave the house.

flumposie Sun 25-Dec-16 20:50:10

I'm in.

ChickenVindaloo2 Sun 25-Dec-16 20:50:29

I have about 4stone to lost and 10k debt to pay off.
I'm starting tomorrow.

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