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Count calories or just eat sensibly?

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namesstress2323 Wed 21-Dec-16 23:03:44

Which is best to lose weight for good?

OliviaStabler Wed 21-Dec-16 23:08:19

I think counting calories to begin with is good. It is eye opening the calorific content of some foods and the portion sizes on offer.

After that I up the exercise and eat sensibly.

Maverick66 Wed 21-Dec-16 23:10:28

Yes to what Olivia says.
I think it's important to count calories to begin with thus reducing your portion sizes.
Then as Olivia** says use exercise to ramp things up.

Newbrummie Thu 22-Dec-16 20:26:48

Eat clean and you can eat a lot more. I was having 1300 calories a day, 600 less than I need to stay alive and piling on weight. I've changed that to 2000 plus calories but made up of avocado, steak, eggs, veggies. No dairy, no wheat, very little sugar. I literally have to eat peanut butter out the jar at night to consume enough macro's ... But I've gone from a tight 12 to a comfy 10 in a matter of weeks. I am exercising but it's 80% diet, you can't out train a bad diet

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