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Curves gyms, anyone been to one?

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misdee Sun 18-Feb-07 22:48:29

there is one a few miles from me, but am unsure. cant find out much about it online, ie costs etc.

pesme Mon 19-Feb-07 07:57:16

they don't post prices cos they want to get you in to give you a real hard sell. i went to similiar chain a few years ago and i have never felt under such pressure to buy anything. they know all the tricks in the book. if you do visit, don't sign anything there and then, go home and think about it.

Rebi Mon 19-Feb-07 10:46:08


I was a member of Curves for about 1.5 years. It was good, really got me into habit of attending gym. BUT it is all anerobic rather than aerobic. I was attending 4 times a week and decided to change to Fitness First and was shocked at how unfit I still was at my initiation (sp?). It cost the same price (around £30). It was ok to start with and if you are doing nothing but if you want to get seriously fit I would say no. Staff were lovely and felt part of a community.

MoreTeaVicar Thu 22-Feb-07 12:07:30

Brilliant. Go 3 times a week, 30mins each time and the inches actually do drop off. I speak from experience and hate the gym but this is quick and fun so no chance of being bored. £29 per month

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