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2017 dieters

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bonnieweelass Sun 11-Dec-16 20:52:21

A support thread for 2017 dieters.

who is planning to start a new diet/exercise regime in the new year and what diet are you planning on following?

Not sure whether I should follow a particular diet or simply cut back on food, I'm not sure I'd know what to do without guidance.

Please share your plans.

hayser33 Sun 11-Dec-16 23:52:43

Hi I'm going to do dry january for a start and I'm going to cut out crisps chocolate cake and biscuits . Also do a bit more walking

bonnieweelass Mon 12-Dec-16 07:54:53

I don't drink so not doing dry january. will need to cut out chocolate though, that's a deffo

LiveLifeWithPassion Mon 12-Dec-16 08:15:59

I really want to stop snacking.
Three healthy meals a day, lots of veg, bit of fruit and zero snacks.
I think I need to accept that hunger is normal. I'm supposed to be hungry for the next meal and not just grab food every time I feel slightly peckish.

bonnieweelass Tue 13-Dec-16 21:16:20

snacking is a problem for me too

Dowser Tue 13-Dec-16 22:53:23

I'll no doubt end up here too. A wedding in may followed by a big posh one in a June ten days later means there's no slacking

Never mind no snacking.

I hit the big 6-5 in Feb.

( big holiday in march)

So plenty to keep me occupied then .

hayser33 Wed 14-Dec-16 10:48:52

I have ever weddings this year first one in February be nice to get a stone of by then ..doubtful tho lol but at least 9 pound would be a start

amusedbush Wed 14-Dec-16 11:41:17

I've been on Cambridge for five weeks and I've lost 23lbs but I have another 76lbs to go blush

We're going back to NYC in June and I'd love to be at - or very close to - goal by then.

Msqueen33 Wed 14-Dec-16 11:42:40

I'm with you. I lost a lot of weight earlier in the year but have put a lot on. I'm going for snack free January.

hayser33 Wed 14-Dec-16 12:16:35

Snack free January is a great idea

Sung Wed 14-Dec-16 18:51:19

I came on here specifically looking for a thread like this - or to start one!

2016 was a terrible year diet-wise for me - started it at my heaviest ever (having kept below the previous one for 6 years) - lost a little - gained a little - probably right back up there again!

I definitely need to step away from the alcohol - planning on a dry January and then be much stricter with alcohol.

Reluctant to start a plan like SW or WW but may have to...plan is really to make veg the main focus - lots of it! Find lot of really tasty interesting recipes. Some healthy fats. A lot less sugar. Be MUCH more organised with food.

In addition I thinking of only weighing in every three months. Stop being so daily/weekly obsessed with it - more about health and habit. I need to lose a good 3 st as a minimum (I've been 5+ st lighter in the past) so this isn't going to be a 10 week blast - this is definitely long haul.

hayser33 Wed 14-Dec-16 20:07:45

I'm not weighing myself either as I get around too obsessed so I'm just going to go on how clothes feel etc.
I'm reluctant to do a diet tbh...strange I've been dieting all year and I am now a stone heavier than this time last year blush

Msqueen33 Wed 14-Dec-16 20:22:18

I've been terrible and seem to be on a slippery slope. Though my personal life has been rough and I've ended up comfort eating to keep me going which I'm aware is stupidly unhealthy.

littlepinkgiraffe Wed 14-Dec-16 20:41:53

I'm planning to start exercising next year. Not sure what yet though I've always wanted to start running.

I have lost 3 stone this year so nearly at my target weight now but I think exercising will help me tone up.

LiquoriceWheel Thu 15-Dec-16 10:09:13

Hello everyone, so glad this thread has been started!

My main goals will be to do more home cooking from scratch and to only have takeaways once in a blue moon. At the moment it's 90% prepackaged and takeaways sad. I'm really ashamed about that. I hope I can turn it around in 2017.

Also, I have a gym membership (crossfit!) that I haven't been using even though I really liked going there and was doing pretty well in the short time I was motivated to get fit and healthy. I'm now too embarrassed to go in again in case they think 'oh why has this loser come slinking back' ?! Is this silly of me and do any other lapsed gym people feel like this?

I'm too disorganised and 'obsessive' for MFP and Fitbits and the like. I have a history of disordered eating and depression so I want to stay far away from food logs and anything that involves 'food control' iykwim.

I suppose I'd just like to have a healthy relationship with food and be more consistent with exercise (she states the obvious lol sorry). Oh, and way less alcohol and fizzy pop!

walruswhiskers Thu 15-Dec-16 10:15:00

I lost 10lbs in about 4-5 weeks back in sept/oct this year. I've relaxed since - kept it off but really want to push for another 6-10 lbs in the new year. That would take me to bmi 22 and I know I'd feel great at that weight.

SuzySoo Thu 15-Dec-16 16:30:21

Hi, I am most definitely going to make 2017 my year of dieting success!

I'm planning on signing up to the Freedom Diet Coach plan once Christmas and New Year are over and done with. I've got just under 4 stones to lose, so it's not going to be a quick fix, but I'm totally ready for a new healthy lifestyle and a happier me fsmile

Ashleigh05182919 Fri 16-Dec-16 22:03:36

I have been doing slimming world for the past year and 2017 I going to stick with it but do alot more fitness to tone up, first holiday abroad with partner after 5 year so need the bikini body ! 😊

titsbumfannythelot Sat 17-Dec-16 08:42:55

I want to get into better shape next year. Holiday booked in April, that should impact motivation.

Haven't decided how I'm going to do this but will start with dry January and actually going to the gym.

SuzySoo Sat 17-Dec-16 10:53:58

Oh yes, I've got a holiday in August as motivation too - not sure a bikini will be making an appearance but I'd really like to look and feel better by then.

bonnieweelass Sat 17-Dec-16 15:36:07

*amusedbush" I looked at the cambridge diet but worry about being starving, not liking the meals and people at work knowing what I'm eating. can you really not eat anything in between? I can't myself lasting beyond a day on just shakes.

amusedbush Sat 17-Dec-16 16:11:52


No, you can't eat between but I promise you, I'm never, ever hungry because the diet puts you into ketosis. The only time I feel peckish is when it's time for my next product. I literally have no cravings, no urge to eat anything apart from my allowance and I haven't even felt tempted by the crap in the office because ketosis kills your appetite.

I have one Cambridge porridge, one bar and a ready-made shake every day and so far, nobody at work has twigged unless I've told them. I'm on Step 2 so I also get a 200kcal low carb meal but I don't always need it.

My sixth weigh in is on Monday and according to my scales I'm down 26.5lbs so far smile

titsbumfannythelot Sat 17-Dec-16 17:39:15

Not sure I'll ever wear a bikini after dd2, but I suppose that attitude is defeatist.

VivienneWestwoodsKnickers Sat 17-Dec-16 17:45:57

I lasted three days on Cambridge and was utterly miserable.

I need to lose 7 stone this year. We're probably looking at fertility treatments, and I need to get at least 5 stone off for that.

Probably going to start SW again. We've just got a dog, so walks are helping already. Dry January, and no take aways in January either. For me that needs to include lunch meal deals etc.

amusedbush Sat 17-Dec-16 18:37:47


I've tried Cambridge twice before and always quit in the first few days because they are horrible. This time I pushed through the fight-or-flight part and I'm so glad I did, I feel great and this is the longest I've ever stuck to a plan!

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