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It's a miracle! lost 10.5lbs in 2 weeks without going hungry!

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maggiethemagpie Sun 11-Dec-16 09:11:34

I've just completed the high fat diet

I've been eating copious amounts of cheese, butter, mayonnaise, eggs, cream and lost all this weight. Amazing, I've been trying and struggling to lose weight for the best part of a year (not much , around a stone to get to goal weight) and now most of it is gone in two weeks!

I'll admit it's not a sustainable diet long term, but there is a maintenance programme that is, and then the book author says you can run the two week blitz again when you're ready to get any further pounds off.

I've had a few peckish moments, but no real hunger pangs.

Really recommend this diet to kickstart any weight loss. It's basically a higher fat version of atkins. You can still have protein, but it's more restricted than on atkins. The veg allowance is about the same as Atkins induction.

It puts your body in ketosis and you can literally feel the fat melting off. 1/2 to 1 lb per day. .

My BMI is now in normal range for the first time in months. I'm impressed!

Really recommend it as an alternative to VLCD shake diets (cambridge/ exante etc)

baggysoobs Sun 11-Dec-16 09:18:03

I didn't follow this plab, but did eat a high fat low carb diet last year for about 6 months and lost a stone. Fell off the wagon and went back to eating what was before and put it all back on again now though sad

HeyRoly Sun 11-Dec-16 09:20:22

Have a look at the low carb forums on here for more advice if you need it. I'm a big fan myself. I don't need to lose weight any more so I eat moderately low carb to keep my weight stable. It's worked for nearly a whole year smile

maggiethemagpie Sun 11-Dec-16 09:26:15

I've done low carb before with some success, but never so rapidly... maybe i wasn't doing it properly before. I really stuck to the rules with this one.

I am very carb sensitive if I so much look at high carb foods I gain (gained 3lb on slimming world following green days for example) so this is perfect for me.

I just need to not put it all on again at christmas!

namesstress2323 Fri 23-Dec-16 21:41:59

surely that's not very good for your health?

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