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I'm Dreaming of a Light Christmas. The Lose 7lbs in December Thread (Or at least not gain 7lbs!)

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BitOutOfPractice Wed 30-Nov-16 09:18:09

Happy Advent!

Here's the link to the November thread where we cheered each other on to be MoSlender

Now we slide frostily into Christmas with the hope of losing more (or at least not losing our grip completely)

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BeyondTheHarpy Wed 30-Nov-16 09:40:53

Marking my place...

HairsprayBabe Wed 30-Nov-16 10:43:22

Hopping on the skinny healthy wagon.

QuimReaper Wed 30-Nov-16 13:09:44


Love the title OOP grin

I am so. hung. over today. Wildly disproportionate to what I deserve.

I guess it turns out that when you know you'll be drinking wine, deciding to barely eat in advance to counteract it is not a good strategy hmm sad

Who knew!

The pool closes early today, I wonder if I can convince my thumping head to get out there and do some lengths...

BitOutOfPractice Wed 30-Nov-16 13:11:21

Could you take a brisk walk in the fresh air instead quim? It's a glorious day here. It might clear your head a little <makes soothing noises and strokes quim's arm>

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QuimReaper Wed 30-Nov-16 13:17:17

I think I will do just that BOO - it is stunning out there. I was going to try and tail it with a swim just to be doubly-extraly-virtuous. Maybe I'll put my togs in a bag and take them with me but accept that it may not happen...

<closes eyes, purrs and dribbles affectionately>

QuimReaper Wed 30-Nov-16 13:17:46

How many more ways can I mis-spell your name before this ghastly wine-mist lifts grin

BitOutOfPractice Wed 30-Nov-16 13:35:12

grin that sounds like a golden plan but don't beat yourself up. Midweek hangovers are very Serious Afflictions. A lesser woman would have succumbed to it by now

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CiderwithBuda Wed 30-Nov-16 13:51:38

Can I join in please? Wasn't in the November thread as was on holiday in Australia eating and drinking and then my mum died just as I came back so there was lots of eating whatever was on offer plus lots of comfort eating and drinking.

I desperately need to lose weight. Even DH commented that I look like I have put some on.

Started back spinning classes this morning.

Diet wise are people following a particular plan or each doing their own thing?

I would love to lose 7lbs by Xmas.

BitOutOfPractice Wed 30-Nov-16 14:02:31

Oh cider of course you're welcome. I am so sorry to hear about your mum. flowers

Don't be too hard on yourself though eh? Kindness is what you need.

We are all doing different things and just supporting each other along the way

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CiderwithBuda Wed 30-Nov-16 14:09:04


I'm doing okay really. She had been ill for such a long time. She is definitely in a better place. She had Lewy Bodies Dementia - it's a horrible illness.

I think I will concentrate on eating healthy food, minimal good carbs, exercise and cutting way back on wine.

A support thread is just what I need. flowers

QuimReaper Wed 30-Nov-16 14:09:06

Welcome one welcome all Cider! We are all just bumbling along doing whatever works for us.

So sorry to hear about your mum flowers. A couple of others from the threads have been having a time of it with their parents too, so please feel free to chat about whatever's on your mind - we're a nice bunch, honest.

angry at your DH for remarking on your weight at a time like this though.

Bunnyjo Wed 30-Nov-16 14:29:05

Hello all! I would love to lose another 7lb this month, but any loss would be fab-u-lous!

So sorry to hear about your mum, Cider. Be kind to yourself flowers

CiderwithBuda Wed 30-Nov-16 15:10:34

Quim - it was gentle honestly! He knows better! It was in relation to something I said.

BitOutOfPractice Wed 30-Nov-16 15:42:56

Cinder I think that's a good plan, given your circumstances and the time of year too.

I have a need to eat all. the. carbs angry

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ladybessy Wed 30-Nov-16 15:56:03

I'd like to join in please. A 7lb loss would take me to 11st (might be difficult though this time of year!) My eventual goal is 10st.

KikisDeliveryService Wed 30-Nov-16 16:01:38

Hello lovely new thread! I am certain this one will be a cheerier place for me, even though the chance of weightloss is slim (haha).

Not busting out of current clothes is a worthy goal this time of year. If I can not gain 7lbs I will be happy!

KikisDeliveryService Wed 30-Nov-16 16:03:47

Hugs to cider - I'm one of the ones with a sick parent. I'm sorry for your loss and for the difficult time you must have had before that flowers

ponygirlcurtis Wed 30-Nov-16 16:48:48

Hello lovely people! Well done to everyone for their November losses, you are all amazing!

flowers for you, Cider - come join us for support of all kinds.

I am starting December on <drumroll please> 1lb off in the last 3 months!! grin grin I am actually really pleased to have movement, I haven't done anything differently eaten more out of protest if anything so go figure!

BitOutOfPractice Wed 30-Nov-16 17:50:00

<sniggers at pony's "movement"> grin

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BeyondTheHarpy Wed 30-Nov-16 17:55:43

So I have a night out Saturday, xmas meal Sunday, then a funeral in a couple of weeks. My 500cal fast days might be around for all of December, not just the final week!!

QuimReaper Wed 30-Nov-16 19:25:02

What's for dinner everyone?

I've just finished a pulled pork, chorizo and bean stew pot thing. It was bloody lovely! Stirred in the best part of a bag of spinach while I was warming it up so feeling very virtuous, and also did as BOOP suggested and went for a walk, just over 11km halo

BeyondTheHarpy Wed 30-Nov-16 19:52:21

I had roast pork with broccoli, cauli and swede. Even had enough calories left for a piece of chocolate!

Bunnyjo Wed 30-Nov-16 21:07:06

Sadly, my meal tonight was 'ping' food. DD does swimming on Wednesday nights and we quickly grab dinner at my DM's (as she lives near to the swimming pool). My poor DM didn't know what to get for the best, so she opted for a M&S Count on Us Ham and Mushroom Tagliatelle, whilst she served the kids homemade keftedes in tomato sauce - one of my very calorific favourites sad. I consoled myself with a persimmon and pomegranate for pudding!

BitOutOfPractice Wed 30-Nov-16 22:28:09

11km? That's not a walk quim it's a massive hike!

We had chicken satay with peanut sauce and sweet potato wedges. It was great. Sadly, because my niece was here, we also had wine.

And we watched The Missing. Did anyone else watch. I am wrung out!

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