Feeling absolutely horrid!

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user1471173214 Sun 27-Nov-16 12:46:08

Ok so I'm 25 and I've two children. One is 4yrs and the other 2yrs, and have a partner of 6.5yrs.
During my pregnancies, I got so fat. The first pregnancy, I went up two dress sizes and struggled to lose the weight. Then as soon as I started losing I fell pregnant and my cravings were pizza and noodles - I then went up three dress sizes.
Now I know only I can change the way I am, and I've started slimming world which I am losing on, and I've joined gym.
But my weight has got to my head making me feel and act ridiculous. I sound stupid but it's so bad that I've stopped looking after myself - Basic things such as brushing my hair, buying clothes for myself etc. I see other women and I get sooo self conscious. I won't leave the house I won't go out when I get invited. The only places I go is the school run. And that's only because I have to.
Not to mention that it's putting a strain on the relationship with my partner. I always accuse him of cheating. I think he's obsessed with every woman other than me. He gets so frustrated with me about it. I basically see it as, I hate the way I look so he must too.
I guess I just need someone to let this all out to really. I'm in such a horrid place ATM x

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Thecontentedcat Sun 27-Nov-16 13:14:10

Just start by brushing your hair, just do it, paint your nails whatever, if you start to value yourself you will feel better and the weight will go. Make sure dh is doing his fair share with the children and stop pouring your bad feelings on to him, it's not fair.
flowers I reckon most have us have been in your shoes at some point. You are more than just the way you look, but you should look after yourself.

Queenb2016 Sun 27-Nov-16 15:24:11

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