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MFP Thread 7

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Not2bObvious Sat 26-Nov-16 03:46:34

Continued chat for those using MFP as a weight loss tool

Needastrongone Sat 26-Nov-16 08:47:34

Thank you Not. smile

Lolimax Sat 26-Nov-16 09:32:28

Thank you Not! Morning all. Nice start to the weekend, 1lb off smile. DH is sleeping from nights so I'm going to take the dogs on a long walk then we're off for a bit of shopping and a meal. Hope everyone has a nice weekend.

Not2bObvious Sat 26-Nov-16 11:22:53

That's brilliant loli, and it sounds like you have a lovely day planned. Did my 8am class and then walked to the shops. Proud owner of some new makeup. The girl at the counter put on my foundation and I'm now sporting a full face of makeup with bedraggled hair & workout gear! I'm an odd sight😉 I am tired & cold now, trying to muster the energy for a shower but for now a little rest on the couch. Have a lovely day y'all

Needastrongone Sat 26-Nov-16 17:00:21

Well done for getting out and doing the class Not. It's hard early morning, but done now. Ha re the make up. smile

Well done on the lb Loli, nice start to the weekend.

I've run 5 miles today, but we have friends coming over for a meal later. I've cooked, and it's all pretty healthy, but 3 courses, cheese and wine etc is costly calorie wise whatever. Oh well, running a XC race on Sunday morning, should burn off some extra food. smile

7.10 at present. I think I will hover around this weight for a while.

Not2bObvious Sun 27-Nov-16 07:36:42

Hope you had a lovey night with your friends need, you've certainly earned a lovely 3 course meal with trimmings with all your activity this week. I ate everything yesterday, everything to the tune of nearly 3000 cals - piggy pants. Now I have 2 days to readjust. I've woken hungry but may try to fast until lunchtime in order to rebalance the books iyswim. Not sore which is brill. Toying with doing a run, haven't ran in 7 weeks I think? My fitness level definitely feels much improved so it could be easy'ish or am I deluded, only 1 way to find out!
Everyone must be having a super weekend? Come back and tell/'fess up😉

ScotsHumphreys Sun 27-Nov-16 09:54:11

Can I join?

Starting weight 11st 4lbs
Goal weight 10st
Current weight 10st 9lbs

I'm 5ft 10.

I've had a terrible weekend with two takeaways in a row, wine, beer, sweets, fish and chips ... I'm dreading getting on the scales in morning!

Anyway what I wanted to say is I'm quite a "childish" eater and don't enjoy salads and Cracker breads and other diety stuff that people tend to eat do a typical day for me is:

Cocopops and coffee for breakfast
Chicken wrap of homemade soup for lunch
Fishmongers and chips for tea blush

All comes to around 1000 calories a day and then I'll maybe snack on chocolate on an evening but keep it below 1300.

It's a terrible diet isn't it? Despite the low calorie count. How can I improve it without moving into salad territory?

ScotsHumphreys Sun 27-Nov-16 09:55:30

Oh my god, auto correct!! Can I just clarify I do not eat fishmongers. I imagine their calorie content to be rather high.

ScotsHumphreys Sun 27-Nov-16 09:56:06

It was meant to say fishfingers

Not2bObvious Sun 27-Nov-16 13:04:02

Welcome scots, well done on losing the fray few pounds. If you're losing weight on what you're eating & you're happy - then I wouldn't be that concerned. It's the longer term view in my case, I'm trying to change the bad elements in my diet, or at least reduce them. If I get a handle on that when I do get to goal I'll stay there.
Still no food but half a capuchino in, cooking Thai for lunch, a stir fry & a curry. Smells yum but probably won't eat for another hour or so. Just managed a walk around the shops, no actual exercise but today is meant to be a rest day so rest I shall!

Needastrongone Sun 27-Nov-16 13:57:49

Hi Scots. Well done on the weight loss. Do you enjoy cooking at all? I keep banging on about this book but the Jamie Oliver Super Food Family Classics is brilliant. Not really a focus on weight loss, more of eating good healthy nutritious food. That said, each recipe has full nutritional analysis.

Keep resting the Not if that's the plan. Yum for Thai food.

I'm just back from the hilliest and muddiest XC race. My first race in years. Hell and brilliant fun all in one. I was covered. Such a good laugh and I came home 2nd lady for our club, so that's a bonus.

688 calories burned from exercise too, so all the better.

Trying not to eat said calories now, as I'm starving!!!

MustBeThin Sun 27-Nov-16 14:52:20

>Sneaks back in<

Hello everyone. Hope you are all OK. Been missing for a while but read some of the posts and you are all doing soooo well.

I went to the docs to get myself on track, been put on some Meds to help with my anxiety and the first few weeks they made me super hungry all the time. It seems to have settled now thankfully, don't think it helped that the docs messed around with my contraception pills and I ended up having TOTM three times in a month. hmm I'm feeling a little better and sleeping pretty good at night now.

Anyway since I last checked in probably 5-6 weeks ago I've sort of bounced around between 10st 2 -10st 4 without any real effort I'm still trying to drink plenty of water every day but I'm not as strict with food. I've had takeaways and meals out with puddings but I've got into the habit of having a good day if I over indulged the day before so it sort of balances out. Still weighing everyday to keep me on track.

coragreta Sun 27-Nov-16 16:27:08

Need is the Jamie Oliver Super Food Family Classics book good for children? I'm looking for a cook book to make healthy family meals. My 1 year old doesn't eat veg so has quite an unhealthy diet so wanting some meal ideas that we can eat as a family. There was a different Jamie Oliver one I saw. I'm putting one in my Christmas list.

Needastrongone Sun 27-Nov-16 17:39:11

Cora. Mmmmm. To be honest, he does use a lot of vegetables and pulses etc. There's some 'hidden veg' meals, but maybe not enough to be of use. He does do a Family Favourites book though, not using 'super food', which might be better. It's really hard isn't it when they don't eat veg. Mine are 17/15 so past that, and eat anything really.

My exercise calories for the day are now 1063, so there will definitely be a deficit!!

Roast chicken dinner for tea and wine!

Bathsheba3 Sun 27-Nov-16 17:59:02

Nice new thread thanks Not! I think I was eating with you in mind and body yesterday. Carbs, sugar, wine, in fact anything I could get my hands on. But I was happy, and having a lovely day which was nice. Wondering lots atm about my own anxiety levels must. Mind me asking which meds you're on? But your weight seems to be pretty stable though, which is a v good thing.

Well done on the XC Need! And a star for coming 2nd! I managed 5km run today, different league I know. But make sure you eat all your calories, esp with your big exercise loss. Extra spud?

Welcome Scots. Your diet put a smile on my face - but if it works, you've lost already, and still only 10st 9, then go for it envious!

I'm looking forward to getting back in routine tomorrow. W'ends always throw me. I've a ton of food in the fridge for some batch cooking - maybe that'll keep me busy and away from picking at rubbish this eve.

MustBeThin Sun 27-Nov-16 18:15:24

Anxiety sucks Bath I'm currently on a low dose of Mirtazapine 15mg. Take 1 tablet at night about an hour before bed and (touch wood) get a pretty good nights sleep.

Needastrongone Sun 27-Nov-16 18:35:45

What batch cooking do you do Bath? I'm pretty useless at remembering stuff is in the freezer! Well done one your run, you got out there and did it, that's the best thing.

Trying not to eat my calories but starving for my tea. smile

coragreta Sun 27-Nov-16 18:45:30

All this exercise is making me feel lazy.
Need. I was looking at the family favourites book. I would like more veg in lo's diet but it tends to be picked out and thrown on the floor! Keep trying every day!

DawheadAwgusEeentock Sun 27-Nov-16 18:58:37

Thanks for setting up the new thread Not flowers.

Loli well done on another lb star!

Not it’s great you’re not suffering too much after the early class yesterday - is that week 1 over now? If so - yay!

Need wow well done on the XC race star! Sorry if I’ve forgotten, but how do you know exactly how many cals you’re burning - is it from a tracker? I have a fitbit but I never trust the calories burned (even though I…erm...don’t really exercise)

Scots welcome flowers! Am I reading it right that you’re half-way to your goal already?! Well done!
Sorry but I’ll be no help as your food sounds great to me wink. If you’re able to stick to your calorie goal then I’m not sure if it matters once you’re enjoying it. I found I had to change to more ‘sensible’ food when I started running out of calories and still felt hungry - I've had to get used to boring things like porridge and boiled eggs instead of choccie granola and a fry sad.

Must great to see you back! I’ve often wondered how you’re doing - delighted to hear you’re doing so well.

Bath I am joining you in the wayward weekend food-wise - but you did a run today that’s brilliant - well done!

Finished Friday on 1580 but lots of extras again yesterday to come in at 1720. Willpower has disappeared completely today and think I’ll come in at 1950 blush - dinner should be ok but had a sausage roll and muffin for lunch and then half a doughnut for afternoon snack that have sent me right over my totals. Not feeling motivated at all.

Another vote for looking forward to the routine of Monday to Friday. Silver linings eh.

Not2bObvious Sun 27-Nov-16 19:17:54

Ooh lots of lovely updates to read, thank you fellow mfp'ers😉 I'm finished week 2 dawg, 3rd weigh in Tuesday & today has been ok apart from shed load of crisps😳 But I only ate 1 meal (..and half a bottle of wine plus maltesers...) Tried on my jumpsuit again as my hunt for the perfect dress today was fruitless. It does look great still, sorry if I sound huge headed, but it's a lovely shape. I just had it in my head I wanted a sleeveless boat neck below the knee slinky black number. Which, for the record, does not exist! And believe me I tried 😖 I'll still go with what I have I'm pretty sure no one else will be wearing anything similar which is always a concern in the village that is Dublin city.
So nice to hear from you must, you're doing so well with your weight, hope the meds continue to help with the anxiety. You poor thing having totm 3 times! That would have me face down in a tub of roses, you're made of strong metal missus😘

Bathsheba3 Sun 27-Nov-16 19:43:51

Hurray for the jumpsuit Not. It sounds as though you will just radiate gorgeousness come your party! Be extra good tomorrow, ready for WI tues.

I've also had totm 3 weeks out of 4 this month must. Annoying isn't it? Pretty low-grade, thankfully, but enough to have to cancel my overdue smear test 3 times already blush. I'm putting it down to my age, plus due for new mirena next year. The big downside for me is my spotty face! Damn hormones.

Desperate for wine, but on parent-taxi duty later, so will have to abstain. Fish pie, cottage pie & beef casserole to cook. I got a bit carried away at Costco. But I did not get ANY naughty things. I just can't be trusted around cake or chocolate wink

goatkid Sun 27-Nov-16 22:38:08

Ughhhh terrible weekend here. TakeAway & wine last night. Good food show today so nibbling and sampling aaaaall day, the dinner out, impossible to log! Ah well, it's been planned for ages and I had a great time, tomorrow is a new week. Staying away from the scales for the next few days whilst I try to repair the damage. I suspect I'll be stuck at that sticky 10.13 for a while longer yet

Not2bObvious Mon 28-Nov-16 07:36:12

Bad luck on the taxi service bath but at least it's saving you from the vino. I had an early night so I stuck on 1800 which isn't that bad but pretty shocking when you look at the breakdown and see actual food was only 700 of that - whoops. It's done now so nothing more to be said. Light day ahead of me, last chance workout at 6pm! Hope everyone's set for the best diet day of the week😉

Sugarandsalt Mon 28-Nov-16 11:23:20

Sorry for the disappearing act. Haven't had a chance to catch up on everything.

I've had a crazy few days. A friend was hospitalised suddenly so I was helping out (she's doing well thankfully) DD has been ill so has been up several hours each night (much better today!) and I've been trying to catch up on insane amounts of work.

I've been very bold and not been sticking to anything so unsurprisingly I'm back up 2lbs and the midcycle bloat is kicking in. I'll catch up with everyone's stories later!

Not2bObvious Mon 28-Nov-16 15:52:10

You're a good friend sugar, glad to hear she's better. You poor thing, lack of slee & worry about ill little ones is hard going, no wonder you've had a wee gain. Could have been worse!
I'm having serious diet fatigue today, and I know I'm always whining but dreading my class later. I'm tired & hungry & could cheerfully say sod it all. I don't think I will but that's how I feel right now. Some days are tougher than others that's for sure. Finishing work in 10, will prep dinner then lay down for an hour. Hopefully my mood will improve with doing that

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