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Losing the mummy tummy?!

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avasmummyx Wed 23-Nov-16 20:06:08

Tips for losing the mummy tummy and getting a flatter stomach?

What did you do?
I'm a stay at home mum and don't really get much time to myself.

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Doje Wed 23-Nov-16 20:12:05

How many children do you have? With DS1 I did a lot of walking. We walked everywhere! DS2 not as easy.... I took up running. I found a like minded mum, we planned days to go running a couple of evenings a week. That way it's not as easy to cancel! I also did MFP. 1200 calories (+ exercise cals) a day. For me that meant smaller portions and not really snacking. No sausages, no pastry! The Hairy Bikers do a good diet cook book.

avasmummyx Wed 23-Nov-16 20:22:44

I have one child, I find it really difficult to eat well as I'm so fussy!
I went running this evening and will keep trying to do that each night.

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