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MFP Buddies Needed

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MixedUpConfusion Mon 21-Nov-16 18:45:28

Got it smile

AnnieOnAMapleLeaf Mon 21-Nov-16 18:44:09

Got you too, Lurker. wink

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AnnieOnAMapleLeaf Mon 21-Nov-16 18:41:41

Added you too, MixedUp. Thanks.

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MixedUpConfusion Mon 21-Nov-16 18:40:10


AnnieOnAMapleLeaf Mon 21-Nov-16 18:39:19

Hi Scribble! I added you....I think. grin

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Scribblegirl Mon 21-Nov-16 18:35:54

Grr, formatting...

That's 'scribble_ girl_' without the space, not the underlined thing up there!

Scribblegirl Mon 21-Nov-16 18:30:38

Hi Annie - I'll add you, I'm scribblegirl if anyone would like to add me! I did a solid month and then we moved house which threw everything up in the air....

AnnieOnAMapleLeaf Mon 21-Nov-16 18:25:08

Hi everyone,

I am looking for a few people to add to MFP to keep me focused on losing the weight. I have 100lbs+ to lose and I know from past experience that I will lose motivation. I am hoping that seeing everyone else and their achievements in my feed will help to keep me focused and make me accountable.

I am AnnieOnAMapleLeaf on MFP. Please feel free to add me! grin

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