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deliciously ella and weight loss

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nownowtakeiteasy Fri 18-Nov-16 00:22:45

Do you think you could follow a Deliciously Ella-style diet and lose weight effectively? I mean fair enough, all processed food is banned, but there are a lot of nuts, avocados, dates and plant butters in all those recipes.

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shakemysilliesout Fri 18-Nov-16 12:35:49

Depends how big you are and how good you are at portion control.

I think energy balls and stuff are as bad as 2 mars bars or something but I think 'clean' eating gives you a frame of mind that you care about your body. My example, if you eat a mars and they say oh Sod it I have failed I will eat a tube of Pringles and a takeaway that's bad. Eat 10 nut balls will be bad too.

But have 1 energy ball and ana sensible dinner because you feel you a treating yourself right and winning then you will lose weight.

I like her recipes and don't find them depressing or depriving so I feel they could help weight loss. In moderation!

buzzlightyearsdinosaur Fri 18-Nov-16 12:49:20

I had already cut out refined sugar and pretty much all processed foods, then I did weight watchers so that I could use the points to work out how much to eat and which foods to go steady on.

Then I bought the Ella book, did a load of recipes and put on a few lbs! When I calculated the points for some of the recipes they were colossal! I think some of her sweet recipes are lovely but they are mars bar sized treats in terms of weight loss imo...I use the book for ideas but couldn't eat from the book without being very careful. I wonder if that is age related though, weight goes on a LOT easier now than it did 20 years ago (when I was the same age as Ella).

ExGucciKing Sat 19-Nov-16 14:39:56

There's a big difference between clean eating and healthy eating, particularly if you're trying to lose weight. I wouldn't use her book, a lot of her nutritional knowledge is not sound.

Rather than making clean versions of treats like brownie, cake etc, which will still be very high in calories and not great for you, why not eat a balanced, lower carb diet and once a week allow yourself the thing you really crave in its 'real' version? You'll be satisfied and it will still work out at similar calories. I think clean eating dupes a lot of people as they believe they can eat the same amount as before and lose weight as its 'clean' food, which is nonsense. Labels on food, 'clean', 'bad' etc create issues in themselves.

Amelia Freer is a good food writer with actual qualifications, unlike Ella et al.

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