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No eggs or avocado!

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CaptainCallisto Tue 15-Nov-16 18:17:24

The last 18 months or so have been absolute Hell for various reasons (cancer, redundancy, unplanned house move) and I've got into a comfort eating rut and stopped exercising. Things have (hopefully) settled down a bit now, but I've put on nearly three stone blush and I really want to shift it without going on a faddy diet.

Healthy eating and getting some exercise back in is what I want to do - more a lifestyle change than a diet. Lose it slowly and sensibly and keep it off.

My issue? Every single healthy eating thread, book, website or plan tells you to eat eggs, avocados and prawns in place of other things. I hate all three! Anybody got any suggestions for healthy subs that won't make me gag?

It's mostly breakfasts that will be the problem I think. I usually have porridge or muesli, but it seems like that's not the best for every day...

JemimaMuddledUp Wed 16-Nov-16 08:30:33

The key with breakfast is to eat plenty of protein and fewer carbs, to avoid the mid morning post carb slump. I personally eat 2 boiled eggs for breakfast (sorry) but non egg alternatives include greek yoghurt with berries, grilled chicken sausages with tomatoes and mushrooms, grilled flat mushrooms topped with cottage cheese and spinach, smoothies made with greek yoghurt, berries and spinach...

OOTH if you are happy with porridge and can last till lunch on it (I can't) then carry on. What matters is what suits YOU.

NannyR Wed 16-Nov-16 08:35:06

Full fat Greek yoghurt is a great breakfast - it has lots of fat and protein and keeps me full all morning. If you're not used to eating plain yoghurt you could add a spoon of honey and reduce it a bit each time. Lidl sell a really nice yoghurt in 1 kilo packs.

ScarletSienna Wed 16-Nov-16 08:42:14

I do Slimming World as a vegan so no avocados or eggs here either. I don't see it as a diet-more teaching me what my plate should look like! I've tried daddy things in the past and ended up heavier in the long run. I eat a lot of fruit and veg, plenty of wholewheat pasta and rice (as well as bulgar wheat, quinoa and couscous) and a very small amount of fats and processed carbs like bread.

I often have Alpro yoghurt with frozen berries for breakfast as it is quick. If I have time, I make grilled mushrooms, tomatoes and Linda McCartney sausages.

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