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Lardy Ladies Weigh-In - 12 Feb 2007

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Smalline Tue 13-Feb-07 12:25:36

Ooh I'm a bit late with the thread this week.

Furball Tue 13-Feb-07 12:27:45

don't worry - I'm still the same grrrrr. But I did have a few naughties at the weekend so I should just be grateful I didn't put any on. Going to try 'extra' hard this week I want to get down to the next lot of stoneage IFSWIM.

glenfield Tue 13-Feb-07 17:29:26

Hi Everyone well only 3lbs I really have tried hard this week I thought it would have been more but hey. I shall concentrate even harder on excersice this week. Hope eveyone else is doing well.Can anyone recommend any diets there following as I would really like to have lost a few stone by june so at least I can go and start looking at wedding dresses

Smalline Wed 14-Feb-07 08:44:46

Stayed the same this week even though I have added another exercise class onto my usual 3. Weight sticks to me like glue this time of the year.

Glenfield well done on your 3lbs loss. I don't follow a diet as such, mostly healthy eating, I have porridge with raisins for breakfast now, that keeps me going until lunchtime, salad for lunch, then meat and veg in the evening, I snack on about 3 pieces of fruit a day and I try not to eat bread, potatoes etc. during the week, I have these at the weekend.

My down fall is wine. Dh and I share a bottle in the evening once the kids are in bed

pesme Wed 14-Feb-07 08:48:03

hi, i am 10 1 this week.

glenfield 3 lbs is a fantastic weight loss.

HeavyBee Wed 14-Feb-07 10:42:33

Well, everyone's doing better than me, well done, especially Glenfield! I have put on another pound this week and have come to the not-very-strange conclusion that if I eat "normally", that makes me put on weight. So I have to change my idea of "normal". A colleague, with whom I regularly eat lunch, always eats less than I do. She is slim but healthy. My body clearly doesn't need what my appetite likes. It never used to be like this, I was the same weight for twenty years and never had to think about it. I can see the need for major retraining. I'm determined to do it, though.

willandsamsmum Wed 14-Feb-07 12:55:32

Thanks for the thread Smalline!

12st 10lbs this week. Am very pleased as I set today as my first target day and my target was 12st 13lbs.

Glenfield - 3lbs is great! Well done. I'm not following a diet either. I'm just trying to make healthier choices and cutting out snacking.

HeavyBee - You do sound very determined! Have you tried keeping a food diary? I also found that actually weighing portions for a little while helped to visualise a recommended portion (that's how I discovered that what I thought was 35g of cheese was actually 90g!)

tortoiseLikesItNiceAndSlow Wed 14-Feb-07 14:10:02

Hi all.
I'm 12st 13 this week.
I need to cut out the evening snacking when I'm not hungry. Also need to go to bed earlier at night.(Not sure if i can do that!)And need some exercise either than walking. I get bored doing the Davina one each time.
Any suggestions for a different DVD to do? Nothing that uses too much space though. My front room is quite small!

I'm cooking soup for my tea tonight.

Well done glenfield. 3lb off is great.

chickenrice Wed 14-Feb-07 15:26:20

Hi everyone

Haven't posted for a few months. I am pregnant so no more weight loss for me. In fact I have gained a number of pounds already . Am over the moon as I had a miscarriage the year before last.

Great to see this thread is going strong and that there are new additions to our club. Perhaps I'll join you again late this year. Good luck to everyone and well done to everyone with persevering with their weight loss.

tortoiseLikesItNiceAndSlow Wed 14-Feb-07 15:27:23

Wow congratulations chickenrice.

chickenrice Wed 14-Feb-07 15:40:48

Thanks Tortoise

glenfield Wed 14-Feb-07 18:07:23

Thank you every one and I must say as its valentines night I am going to have a rather large glass of wine cheers to you all

HeavyBee Tue 20-Feb-07 10:28:38

Apologies for the lack of chart, but last week's is now on its way, I hope.

maycontainstress Tue 20-Feb-07 10:47:17

Hey everyone, mind if I join in.

I have just decided to concentrate on losing the stone and a half I have gained since meeting DP.

I'm eating healthily too and no spuds or bread, but I want the weight to drop off quickly, I'm about three weeks into it and think I may have lost 2lb , I was hoping for more.

I am exercising daily for about 40 mins doing the Davina DVD or just chucking myself around in my own routine.

I used to be fit, (didn't we all? ) and I used to do Tae Bo 3 times a week. Man, that is one hard dvd to do but it really, really works, the fat melts and the muscles tighten. I recommend it to everyone, inlcuding me.

Good luck everyone.

Smalline Tue 20-Feb-07 21:24:41

This weeks thread is here

Fantastic news chickenrice.
Welcome maycontainstress and good luck.

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