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peaceloveandbiscuits Tue 08-Nov-16 12:26:13

Is there a low GI thread running? I'm attempting it this week in an attempt to avoid both gestational and type two diabetes.

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peaceloveandbiscuits Tue 08-Nov-16 12:34:54

Used the word attempt twice hmm derp.
I'm not sure I'm doing things right. I'm cutting out white pasta, rice, things like that. Eating lots of sweet potatoes, broccoli, salmon, beans instead. Porridge oats and fruit for breakfast, or soya and linseed toast. I had Wholemeal noodles last night but not sure if they're strictly "allowed"? I guess they're a lower GI than white/egg noodles. Think I'm confusing myself with low carb?

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Singeroftunes Wed 09-Nov-16 14:11:31

If I remember correctly its more about a switch of carbs rather than no carbs. Wholewheat spaghetti, brown rice, wholemeal (avoid brown) bread, sweet potato is lower gi although similar cals to normal potato. Rosemary Conley has a diet book which explains loads more. good luck.x

LuckySantangelo1 Wed 09-Nov-16 14:19:18

Low GI and low carb are different things. I successfully lost weight using Patrick Holfords low GI plan. Sweet potatoes aren't recommended as they're too high GI. Likewise some fruits are off limits (banana and melon iirc).

You can have wholemeal pasta, brown rice etc.

peaceloveandbiscuits Wed 09-Nov-16 15:04:01

Eek bad news about the sweet potato! I accidentally ordered 3kg grin I figure they are "better" than the carbs I was eating before, though.
Aha I thought it was Rosemary Conley that had a book way back when! Thank you both for commenting.

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