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Keeping motivated without scales?

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FireInTheDisco Tue 08-Nov-16 12:22:52

Has anybody managed this? I need to lose a few stone but using scales is not an option. I always get off to a good start, but lose motivation quickly - it's hard to see the little day to day changes and it's a few weeks before you drop a dress size! Anybody in the same boat?

Dowser Tue 08-Nov-16 14:03:12

Yes me. I just know what I'm eating. Therefore I must be on track.
Last years wedding dress is not a comfortable fit so when it is I know I have lost weight.
Then I'll start with my next tightest dress ;-)

My goal is cousins wedding in may and we have a holiday before that so need to do something now.
Nearly two weeks in and definitely feel less bloated.
I'm doing intermittent fasting and the no s diet.

LaundryFairy Thu 10-Nov-16 10:05:01

When I started loosing weight I wasn't using scales and needed motivation so I went with buying a pair of trousers a size smaller than currently and would try them on every week to see how they were fitting. It was wonderful for them to go from being too tight, to a bit snug to fits nicely over time.

bubblyone Fri 11-Nov-16 16:53:43

Clothes are good, but take a while!
Photos are also really helpful, but again found it took a few months really before I could see a big difference myself.
Measurements helped me the most I think.
I'm managing the scales again now and not freaking out, but had to get to the point where the number would be acceptable to use it! I think clothes overall were the biggest tip-off - old stuff that had been tight. My own stuff didn't seem to look too big until now.

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