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This time next year

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HairsprayQueen Fri 04-Nov-16 15:56:33

I watched this programme this week and was quite motivated by the woman on there who lost 10 stone in a year. I want to do the same.

So here is my public pledge that this time next year I will have lost 10 stone.

The reasons I want to do this are numerous, obviously being this overweight is bad in lots of ways but the main ones are-

- I've been seeing lots of threads on here recently that operations might not be done if you are too overweight because of the risks involved. I hadn't really considered the implications of this before (stupid I know) but that has been a big wake up call

- I am really interested in fashion but I feel silly telling people this and furthering any path down that way as I can't wear what I like and I have to just wear what fits and covers the bits I hate.

- food takes up such a huge part of my thoughts and I just think that's a bit sad really. I need some balance as I still want to enjoy a meal out with friends but don't want holidays to revolve around what good stuff I can eat or be fantasising about things in the supermarket. I don't want food to be the first thing I turn to in a crisis or bad day.

- I want to run but I can't do that at this weight without hurting my ankles and knees.

So that's just some reasons. I will use this thread as a kind of journal I hope.

But I need to sort this out now.

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Not2bObvious Fri 04-Nov-16 17:56:14

Well done hair for making this pledge, a year is definitely enough to make a huge dent in the weight. Have you thought about what you need to do or if you'll follow a specific plan? Wishing you all the best

Dowser Fri 04-Nov-16 21:20:02

Why don't you join the countdown to Christmas thread.
There's some good diet inspiration on there.
A lot of us are doing intermittent fasting at the end of the day you leave a long period of time before breakfast.
It helps to rest your digestion.
I combine it with the no s ( sweets, snacks, sugar, seconds) during the week and then a couple of treats at the weekend.

If that's a bit hardcore just at the moment, then I would suggest joining sw
It worked for me.

popcornpaws Sat 05-Nov-16 13:10:41

You can do it!
July 2014 i gave myself year of eating 1400 cals, everyday except for birthdays and christmas.
I wrote a food diary on a sunday for the following week and stuck to it 100%

I didn't plan how much i would lose, just let it happen, i lost 8 and a half stone!
Ive been maintaining for over a year now, if I've had a lot of things on and have put on a few pound i really feel it and cut back to lose it.
I won't ever be fat again, life is so much simpler when your not!

HairsprayQueen Sat 05-Nov-16 18:56:58

Thank you all smile

I'm going to mfp to start with, focus on moving more and eating less. Definitely need to cut my alcohol intake. I think I'll need to look at my mental relationship with food too.

Feeling positive so far but I know this will be a bit of a rollercoaster!

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