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The last few lbs

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ImBrian Tue 18-Oct-16 06:11:37

How on earth do you get them off? I'm calorie counting using mfp, I have 1200 calories a day and excercise regularly. For the past 3 weeks I've been loosing snd gaining the same lb!

I don't need to loose anymore to be a healthy weight but I just want another 5lb off. I've tried upping my calories to 1400/1500 for a few days but that made no difference. It still went up and down by one pound. Any ideas?

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QuimReaper Wed 19-Oct-16 18:34:26

ImBrian I'm in the same boat! Only a small amount to lose, my body seems to be clinging on.

There used to be a poster around who had lost something mad like 6 dress sizes, and she swore by a personal trainer to get rid of the last lot. What's your exercise like?

chrispenrallt1 Thu 20-Oct-16 07:33:03

Hi imbrian me too. I have lost just over 7 stone since July last year and am now 10 stone 9. I would love to get to 9 .13 but if I could get to 10 7 it would be good. I run 5 k Monday to Friday and walk quite a lot as well. Can't face the gym, but I think it might be the last resort. Maybe the shred? I have the DVD just never watched it!

samecardoverandover Thu 20-Oct-16 13:47:18

I find a wardrobe and food review helps. I go back to weighing portions to make sure that they haven't crept up in size, I also just change what I'm eating a bit and make tweaks here and there. It feels like I've had to work for every pound though!

With my wardrobe I have a good sort out and get rid of anything that is too big and just keep the stuff that fits or is snug. I always have the next size down in jeans in the wardrobe as I find it focuses the the mind! I am on the very last pair, once I fit into them I will be done.

ImBrian Fri 21-Oct-16 11:13:40

I was excercising 3-4 times a week but I've managed to hurt my back so nothing until that's sorted. I'm off on holiday this week so I'm going to go up to maintenance calories, have a week off and then hopefully that might help. Plus I'm hoping to swim most days for my back.

The wardrobe idea is a good plan, I've shrunk out my work clothes so maybe some new ones in the next size down will help. For some reason my jeans size is exactly the same as when I was over a stone heavier.

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Runningupthathill82 Sat 22-Oct-16 07:57:33

Make sure you're actually eating 1200 calories a day (ie not eating back the calories you "gain" from exercise). MFP is notorious for overestimating exercise calories.
If you're already doing that, then up your exercise once you're fit again. Running a few miles with sprint intervals in there might be the quickest and easiest way?

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