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Can someone please explain

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SesameSparkle Mon 17-Oct-16 17:13:07

When you eat carbs your body stores the excess as glycogen in your liver. According to Google, for every gram of glycogen you also store 4 grams of water. When you fast overnight your body uses up the stored glycogen as energy, which releases both the weight of the glycogen and the water. This might be worth 1-2lb between your going to bed and waking up weight. As others said, going to the loo might account for the rest. For these reasons, I'd always weigh in the morning.

roasted Sun 16-Oct-16 22:58:06

I find the difference is about 2lb. People tend to be at their lightest first thing in the morning (after having gone to the toilet) because they're not carrying a whole lot of liquid (you sweat an awful lot in your sleep, even if the sheets seem bone dry).

Fluctuations are normal. What's important is to pick a time of day and amount of clothes and stick to it for weighing. If you're consistent, you can tell if your weight is going up or down.

As for your actual weight - I would always take first thing in the morning as it's the lowest figure...! ;)

HeCantBeSerious Sun 16-Oct-16 20:20:47

It's not a good idea to weigh yourself more than once a week due to fluctuations in fluid levels etc. Why on earth are you weighing yourself either side of sleeping?

littlemissM92 Sun 16-Oct-16 20:16:25

The difference In weight first thing in morn last thing at night should it be 5lbs difference and if so is the lighter or heavier weight your actual weight?? Thanks

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