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Singyourheartout Sun 16-Oct-16 14:50:01

Im 5ft5 and around 14 stone.
I want to lose 2 stone to start with then maybe a stone after that.
Ive done all the research but my problem is potion control and snacking when bored or stressed. Im at uni and some times I just come in tired and make myself a load of food because I'm starving. Plus I like food to much.
I want to do the 1200 calorie diet as a lost about a half a stone last time I did it and also having a meal of milk a deal and 2 small meals. I am also debating if is I should get a gym membership, is it worth it?
Any advice on how to control my self and potion or just moral support would be appreciated. I would love to get in 12/14 again

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