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Best weight loss plan for student?

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collieflourplease Sun 09-Oct-16 16:37:42

DD has decided she's like to lose some weight and has joined the gym. She's joined with friends and is motivated - she goes 4 times week for two hours each time.

She's also active in that she walks a lot and is engaged in a few strenuous hobbies.

However she would like to introduce a diet plan into the exercise but doesn't know which one will suit her lifestyle as she's reluctant to pay membership and the find it doesn't suit.

Can anyone recommend a weight loss plan that would suit a 20 year old who hasn't dieted before and is still wanting to enjoy the student lifestyle (her request to MN - I'm not being interfering!)

In brief:

She cooks her own meals and knows how to from scratch - already uses "healthy" options like spray oil etc..
She likes meat but not fish
She tends to have rice, cous cous, pasta with most meals
Likes bread annd cheese and savoury snacks
Not a great salad fan but likes vegetables
Not a fan of fruit except bananas, grapes, melon
Prefers "exotic" food rather than meat and two veg (chiilies, curry, pasta, spices etc)
Not really got a sweet tooth
Struggles with portion size
Drinks alcohol (obviously as student!) - not wine, but likes spirits and beer
Eats at irregular times - can skip breakfast (as not up in time!) but will eat late at night as out socialising with hobbies or friends

So does anyone know of a plan that would suit her? I think she wants something she doesn't have to "think about" too much but not sure how realistic that is

Thanks in advance

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