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MFP - help me get my head round it please.

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imwithspud Tue 20-Sep-16 15:04:52

I downloaded the app yesterday and have set it all up today. I have about 3 stone to lose and I'm hoping this is the way to do it. I'm also considering doing 5:2 along side recording everything in MFP but I need to get my head round MFP first.

My main source of confusion is when recording meals in the diary. How do I know I'm recording the correct amount of calories if that makes sense? For example tonight we're having a home made chilli using lean mince, with rice. I did a search and there are options that say they are home made and come up at around 365 calories per portion, does this sound about right? I tried 'creating a new food' but it seemed a bit confusing (or maybe I'm just dim). How do I know I'm recording the correct amount of calories?

Anyway any help or pointing in the right direction would be appreciated.

simii Tue 20-Sep-16 15:42:16

Will this help?

Logging accurately step by step guide

imwithspud Tue 20-Sep-16 16:01:05

That looks brilliant thanks, I'll check it out when the dc are in bed.

simii Tue 20-Sep-16 16:09:18

Pleasure! Good luck!

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