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What exercise do you do?

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YoureaFlutteringCunt Sun 18-Sep-16 09:44:53

I'm currently 14st (down from 15st3) and I want to start exercising.

I've never been very motivated towards it (and I eat badly, hence the steady gain) but I feel it will give me a boost, losses wise and mentally.

I can't afford the gym and running is out of the question. I tried. Several times. The couch to 2k and other programmes (I hurt my knee about 8 years ago and I find running just sets it off and I do not enjoy it at all.)

I want to make rota of things to do rather than sitting home watching House on Netflix.


Cheesetoastieyum Sun 18-Sep-16 12:56:58

Apart from running I have started Pilates - I injured my hip whilst running and the Pilates helps to strengthen my muscles so that injuries are less likely. I would love to swim but can't fit that in as well as running (my husband also runs so we take it in turns). I would advise Pilates to start and this will then set you up to try other things - I use a DVD at home - a really good one, will link below

Cheesetoastieyum Sun 18-Sep-16 12:58:15

PoptartPoptart Sun 18-Sep-16 17:49:18

Cheese - thanks for the link, I've been told by my chiropractor that I should do Pilates to strengthen my core, so I will definitely be ordering this DVD. Quick question, how often are you supposed to do it to get results? I could probably manage about 3 times a week. Is this enough do you think?

Ta1kinPeace Sun 18-Sep-16 19:11:31

Why can you not afford a gym?

With a monthly sub you have unlimited access
you just have to want "fit" more than you want takeaway once a week

my gym is £200 a month for four of us
it works out at £1.50 per visit
and my visits are a swim and a yoga class

join a gym
put the "per visit" cost on your fridge
make it your social life
get lean

Cheesetoastieyum Sun 18-Sep-16 20:40:23

No problem - i think 3 times a week should be ample, it is a three DVD set so you work at your own pace and it develops over time rather than just repeating the same exercises with one DVD. I have noticed a difference already and have only had it a few weeks (after spending a couple of months on a 10 minute style basic pilates DVD).
I had to do this as the local pilates teacher is £40 a month as a minimum for a limited number of sessions which are tricky to attend at certain times and I have found that wander aimlessly around gyms and then leave! Best of luck!

YoureaFlutteringCunt Sun 18-Sep-16 20:49:33

Why can I not afford the gym? Because my husband left and I have no money.

I don't socialise. I don't drink. I don't smoke. The money i spent on cheap junk food is now going on veg and fruit.

I never ate takeaways. Have been abke to afford them since he left.

How rude.

YoureaFlutteringCunt Sun 18-Sep-16 20:50:12

Haven't *

Ta1kinpeece Sun 18-Sep-16 21:12:20

if you reduce your food bill by 20% (which is linked to the title of your thread, you can afford a gym.

When my finances went pear shaped we calculated that on pounds per hour the Gym was the best money we spent
and we used it even more

my kids have grown up with fitness and exercise as part of their lives
goodness knows what that is worth

YoureaFlutteringCunt Sun 18-Sep-16 21:16:18

Oh piss off.
I barely have money to put on the gas and electric and 5 mouths to feed.

I clearly stated NO GYM.

Ta1kinpeece Sun 18-Sep-16 21:18:50

you can afford Netflix ....
its about priorities

YoureaFlutteringCunt Sun 18-Sep-16 21:22:09

No. My ex husband pays for netflix and I have his account details.

So once again. Piss off.

HeyMicky Sun 18-Sep-16 21:23:21

I do HIIT. I do a 10 min workout every morning - 10 x 30sec exercises then repeat the whole circuit.

There are a load of apps - search for HIIT or tabata or 7 or 10 min workout. Or just wrote down 10 high intensity exercises and run through them: running with high knees, star jumps, burpees, leg changes, squat junps etc .

You can also find on YouTube recorded gym classes. I like the insanity classes or les mills body combat or body attack.

dontsufferfools Sun 18-Sep-16 21:24:27

Jeeeeez. Am I missing something here? If she can't afford it, she can't afford it!!

I cycle most evenings, swim twice a week and go to an exercise class on a Wednesday night. I also do SW and find I lose weight slower when exercising regularly. Go figure....

What about speed walking? Less impact on your joints but equally as good for you (or so I've read).

Dozyoldtwonk Sun 18-Sep-16 21:26:25

Walking. Free, & you can do it anywhere, no equipment required.

Or if you're confined to the house because of DC as I often am, HIIT videos on You Tube.

Good luck, OP!

YoureaFlutteringCunt Sun 18-Sep-16 21:26:59

Yeah, I should start cycling again. I think my bike has a puncture but I should be able to sort that. I used to love riding my bike. A few years ago.

ricepolo Sun 18-Sep-16 21:27:07

There are some brilliant DVDs in a series called '10 minute solution'. Each one has four/five 10min workouts on a theme (kickboxing, HIIT etc). Really good because you can do them at odd points during the day: anyone can do 10 minutes.

Pilates is excellent toning but don't rely on it for weight loss: it doesn't burn major calories or boost metabolism like eg HIIT or weight training.

And lift weights. Don't rely on cardio. With weights you continue to burn post workout as your muscles repair, plus you build muscle which means you burn more even when doing nothing. And lift as heavy as you can (you won't bulk unless you also take testosterone smile ): lifting 1-2kg is a waste of time. Lift heavy and you'll be amazed how quickly you change shape.

YoureaFlutteringCunt Sun 18-Sep-16 21:27:29

Sorry what is HIIT?

Ackvavit Sun 18-Sep-16 21:32:04

Ok before being flamed...if your children are at school can you walk them there...not sure if you are working? If not is there a park nearby with some workout equipment? If you checkout your local Freegle or Streetlife there may well be someone offloading a bike so you could cycle?
Walking is a great relaxer as well as a fat burner if you get your heart rate up.

Fantastic you have lost what you have...incentive to me... def let pounds creep on recently 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

YoureaFlutteringCunt Sun 18-Sep-16 21:34:19

We don't have a car so I walk them to school and back already. 40 mins walking twice a day. (20 there. 20 back)

But I've always done that. So my body is used to it. I need to do more to make a weight loss.

HeyMicky Sun 18-Sep-16 21:46:45

HIIT is high intensity interval training. So doing one exercise very fast/hard but only for a short period of time. So you might do 30 seconds flat out then rest for 15 seconds. It's excellent for fat burning. It also tends to just use body weight, not equipment, so easy to do at home

Cguk81 Sun 18-Sep-16 21:53:52

Another recommendation here for the 10 minute solution dvds. I also have another one called The Hour of's lots of squats though...not sure that would be a good think with your knee. Walking more and faster would be good. If you a gym near you could you afford one class a week instead of a full membership? Something that makes you work hard but also motivates you to stick to your other exercises that you choose to do by yourself during the rest of the week.
Well done on the weight loss!!

Runningupthathill82 Sun 18-Sep-16 22:07:33

Stuff like HIIT/ circuits/interval training is fantastic, but it's much harder to motivate yourself and do it properly when you're at home rather than in a class. You also won't have equipment so are going to be limited to bodyweight stuff.

I do a lot of that sort of thing and I do get benefits from the stuff I do at home, especially since I bought a kettlebell and started regularly chucking that about, but if I'm honest I know I work harder in my weekly circuits class then when I'm in my living room.

So, first on the list - find a circuits or HIIT class near you. Problem is though, you're going to be paying £5ish a time, so - although you said no gym - I honestly would look at what your local council gym offers as it might work out less than a weekly class.
Memberships in my area are only 20 or so quid a month, so if you even only went there 3 times a week that's less than £2 a session. And of course you'd then have access to a pool and could take the children too - voila, fun family exercise, all included in your gym package!

Pilates is good for strength and core stability but won't make you lose weight or improve your cardio fitness. I do it to improve my running form, but I see it as a therapeutic thing rather than exercise IYSWIM.

DO you have a bike and access to hills? Good hilly bike rides are great exercise, not so much tootling along on the flat.

It's a shame you've ruled out running as that would be the best way to get fit and burn calories quickly. I don't think anyone "enjoys" it at first, and most people have joint issues that niggle when they start, but it quickly becomes addictive.

The key though is to find something that fits in with your lifestyle and that you can stick to. I've never known anyone stick to doing exercise DVDs for years, but cycling/running/weights - definitely. Best of luck.

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