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The No S Diet [title edited by MNHQ]

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Asuitablemum Fri 16-Sep-16 13:27:45

I've decided that I finally need to commit to losing my baby weight. I have 2 stone (ideally more to lose). But will just take it half a stone at a time. I am not really into crazy diets. So I've gone for the 's' diet which is basically eat sensibly diet! No snacks, seconds or 'sweets' (includes cakes etc ) except on days beginning with s (weekends and special days). So three meals a day basically. Does anyone want to join me or be my supporter? I lost 1.5 lb the first week, but then gained 0.3. Next weigh in is Monday and today I was 2.5lb lighter so I'm hoping I will have lost something. I am piling up a bit on the meals but figure that I need that to stick to it at the moment. Hopefully as I adjust I can make the meals smaller/healthier too. Looking forward to the weekend for a pudding and some wine!

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Asuitablemum Fri 16-Sep-16 20:39:25


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trickydickie Sun 18-Sep-16 09:24:15

Asuitable - I would love to do this with you. I have tried it before. Definitely made me aware that I am not even aware of the amount of times a day I put food into my mouth.

How have you got on with it this weekend? How long have you been doing it? Is it a couple of weeks?

Nottsangel2015 Sun 18-Sep-16 09:40:42

Same boat although ideally want to lose about 3 stone dd2 is now 1 and no excuse need to get rid of some of this weight although I can't say pre pregnancy more like pre the first pregnancy lol
I'm at the point now crap weather is coming and I've no jeans or jeggings that fit except 1 pair (had to throw 2 pairs as had holes) so either I lose some so can fit in old ones stuffed in the drawer or I buy new ones which cash is a little tight to be spending on new clothes when I do have shit loads that doesn't fit and really only need to drop maybe 1 dress size to get in most of them! So hear I am.
I have already lost a stone this summer before I went on holiday but it's creeped back on. At least I know I can do it though.
My problem is snacking I work from home mainly and snack all bloody day long!!! And my weakness is cake!!
Wondering if I should cut out Diet Coke as recently heard that it makes your sugar cravings worseconfused I love my Diet Coke though have a can (has to be a can and cold) every night.
I find it really hard to not eat rubbish but I like your plan of only eating that stuff on days beginning with 'a' so I'll bite and join in with you :-) start tomorrow then as seen as today is 's'unday lol grin

timeforabrewnow Mon 19-Sep-16 10:15:58

Monday today and I'll join you on the 'S' diet. No sugar, no scones, no biscuits, and for me - no crisps

I'd like to lose around 4 pounds and then maintain that weight, rather than putting in back on over the next few months which is what always seems to happen.

Asuitablemum Mon 19-Sep-16 13:05:53

Hooray, thanks for joining! It will be great to have a gang for moral support. I know what you mean about clothes. I have cupboards bulging with clothes that don't fit and don't know whether to just chuck the really small ones or what! I just want to really commit to this for the rest of the year. It's 14 weeks till Christmas and if I could just lose 1 pound a week till then I'd be a stone lighter. If I could stretch to 2 pounds then I'd be 2 stone lighter. It would be just amazing to go into Christmas with that! Had a few treats-wine, cake etc. over the weekend. Now back to 3 meals a day. Today i had scrambled eggs with cheese in a tortilla wrap for breakfast with a few blueberries and a coffee. Chickpea and chicken stew with a slice of bread now for lunch mmmm.

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timeforabrewnow Mon 19-Sep-16 13:23:44

Sounds a healthy lunch.

I've just had a wholemeal sandwich with red pepper, cucumber, 1 x falafel and 2 teaspoons hummus. And a cup of tea.

What do you reckon to doing a weigh-in once a week on a Sunday?? Keep everyone motivated?

Great idea to at least keep going til Christmas..

Asuitablemum Mon 19-Sep-16 13:38:35

Ooh that's a very healthy lunch. I think the next step for me would be smaller portions at mealtimes but at the moment I feel the need to get a sizeable meal so I can last! The school run is doing wonders for my step count thought so that got to be a good thing! I normally weigh in on a Monday. Actually it works quite well with this diet as a bit of motivation for not overdoing the s days! But yes weekly weigh in sounds good. I lost 2 pounds today so really pleased with that. Though really it is 1 pound as didn't lose any last week.

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timeforabrewnow Mon 19-Sep-16 14:01:10

Nice one for losing 2 lbs this week - and yes, Monday sounds good for the weekly weigh in. Count me in for that...

AgeingArtemis Tue 20-Sep-16 17:33:50

It's ok to be hungry!

I wouldn't suggest eating teeny weeny meals if you need to "hold on" until dinner etc, but just eat normal portion sizes, don't increase them "just in case".

It's ok to be hungry, it's ok for your stomach to growl just before lunch, it's normal! And helps you appreciate the food better I find smile

Asuitablemum Tue 20-Sep-16 20:47:15

Thanks Artemis. You are very right and that is one thing I have relearnt. So much is just habit. If I'm hungry I think I have to fill the gap but I don't I can wait for mealtimes. Even if it's a whole night!

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JasperDamerel Tue 20-Sep-16 20:55:58

I did this for a while and then went off the rails with emotional eating for a while. I found it was the most sensible way of eating I've ever done. Weight loss tends to be less dramatic with this method, and most people don't get to their aesthetic ideal weight without further tweaks, just their healthy weight. It is properly manageable, though.

CupcakesRule Tue 20-Sep-16 20:56:49

I've got four stone to loose after 3 babies in five years!! I've given myself 1 year so a pound a week but would love it if I loose more than that to allow weeks for when I'm holidaying etc.
I've been trying the sensible diet and it's gone ok. I'm keeping track on MyFitnessPal which helps me. I'm trying more exercise too!! My main problem is bread being convenient and a sweet tooth.
I hope it's ok to join you all

palomapaloma Tue 20-Sep-16 21:01:59

Hi I'd love to join too. Have been trying to lose baby weight for 2 years! So far have lost 2 stone then put 1 back on. Would like to lose a stone by Christmas. I'm just cutting the crap (eat far too much sugar) and having a treat meal on Saturdays x

Asuitablemum Tue 20-Sep-16 22:32:36

Welcome cupcake and paloma, the more the merrier. I think steady (and not too slow!) is the way to go for me. I really want to change my habits for life and just be a thinner person who always eats like that and to lead a life that doesn't revolve around food. Went for a walk with a friend tonight, lovely chat, no food, exercise hooray. A stone off for Christmas would be fantastic!

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CupcakesRule Wed 21-Sep-16 07:46:15

Yes my first target is a stone for xmas!! 9 weeks to go!

JasperDamerel Wed 21-Sep-16 08:18:46

I'm doing a gradual start - no snacks this week, then adding no sweets the following week and no seconds the week after that.

I've also just started a programme to tackle emotional eating, which works very well in tandem with the No-S rules.

GreyandGrumpy48 Wed 21-Sep-16 08:42:16

Can I join too. I have about 3 stone to lose but a stone for Christmas would be great. I'' quite good at short term diets but changing my eating habits permanently is what I need to do- small gradual changes seems the way to go. Has anyone got any advice on combating emotional eating they could share?

TrippyMcTrapFace Wed 21-Sep-16 10:39:39

Haven't RTFT but the plan is actually called the 'No S Diet'. It's called No S because it's no snacks, no seconds, no sweets except - sometimes - on days beginning with S. And other pre-designated 'Special' days.
There's am older thread around here somewhere .
I have the book. Author is Reinhard Engels. His website explains the plan very well, find it at if you read that you probably don't actually need the book.

JasperDamerel Wed 21-Sep-16 11:03:34

For the emotional eating, I've started doing a 12 week online thing called Shrink Yourself which someone recommended. Every time you want to eat something, you go through a series of questions to identify whether you are actually hungry or just eating to meet an emotional need, and to identify the emotion. I think that as time goes on you then get to think of things to do to deal with the frustrations that cause the emotions.

At the moment, I notice that I eat inappropriately at home, and usually when I am bored and want an excuse to take a break, when I feel unappreciated and want to give myself a nice treat, when I am tired and want a rest but have to keep going and when the children are really irritating and I need to calm down.

Asuitablemum Wed 21-Sep-16 12:28:57

Thanks jasper and welcome all. I find the s diet helpful for emotional eating just because there is the blanket rule of no snacks! And he weekend is always close for a treat. But naming the emotion is another one that I'll try. I am also taking each day as new. I'd i ever slip up then so be it but the next meal or day I'm back on.

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palomapaloma Wed 21-Sep-16 16:42:57

I'm just taking it one day at a time and make sure I know my plan for each day. I need to know exactly what I'm having for each meal then I don't wait till I'm hungry then grab whatever's convenient -usually biscuits! I think it's also a good idea to take measurements as well as weighing x

trickydickie Wed 21-Sep-16 23:01:30

I haven't done the "s" diet so far this week. I didn't realise this thread had so many posts! Now there are quite a few of us doing this it has inspired me to try and go for it. I will start tomorrow.

Think the idea of knowing what the meals are for the next day a great idea.

Asuitablemum Thu 22-Sep-16 10:44:13

Yay go trickie!

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Asuitablemum Thu 22-Sep-16 10:44:26


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