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I am a big fatty mc fattyso.

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Bigbongos123 Sun 11-Sep-16 08:42:06

As the title says really.... I'm 5'3(ish) and 14 st 10. Awful. Really really awful.

I'm unfit, tired all the time. Living off sugar and exhausted from juggling life with two small kids and a husband who works loads. I used to be so slim and interesting

I have all the motivation and no willpower.

I seem to struggle to shift any weight these days, I have good first weeks then soooo slow, or nothing. And then I cheat and quit all together.

I don't want to spend the rest of my life failing diet after diet.

I've just realised I've basically been failing to lose weight, steadily getting bigger since I had my first six years ago. What a waste of my life.

I suffer with anxiety and can get depressed if very stressed so it's a delicate balance to keep myself well mentally. I have a lovely life and I'm just spoiling it for myself.

I need something quick now I think. I've always been about eating healthy etc and found the idea of vlcd type things scary but I think spending the rest of my life like this is scarier.

Basically I have no idea what to do anymore so if someone here would kindly tell me so I can sort my shit out that'd be fabbo.

LiveLifeWithPassion Sun 11-Sep-16 11:28:44

Forget dieting.
Decide to live a healthy life instead and just eat healthy meals and don't snack.
Remember that it's fine and normal to feel hungry before meals.
Drink lots of water and take some multi vits like floradix.

Why did you cross out interesting? Is it because you find life boring or you think you're boring?
What's interesting to you?
How can you incorporate 'interesting' into your life?
Work on that and you may find you naturally eat better when you feel better.

Bigbongos123 Mon 12-Sep-16 06:18:28

Unfortunately I think my trying to live healthy isn't working because I'm too impatient with the results. Starting to seriously consider lighter life or something to that effect.

I think I used to be interesting prekids. I've currently lost my sense of Self to the chaos that is working/running a home/ loving and raising a young family.

EarthboundMisfit Mon 12-Sep-16 06:29:04

Don't make the mistake of thinking that storing a bit of excess fat means your wasting your life.

By all means, make some changes. Maybe a small goal each month that would make you happier in some way.

But I spent years of my life sitting on the sidelines because of perceived weight issues. THAT'S a waste.

EarthboundMisfit Mon 12-Sep-16 06:29:55

You're! Bloody you're! 😁

PosiePootlePerkins Mon 12-Sep-16 06:39:36

Hi. Just read through your OP and it does strike a chord with me. I am 41 and currently weigh 13 1/2 st, which is the heaviest I have been for a long time. It does not feel good. My knees hurt. My face is fat. My belly hangs over the top of my trousers in a big roll. I just feel uncomfortable and unattractive.
I am on the sugar and alcohol free thread (although it is a bit of a slow thread and I seem to be one of the few frequent posters!) because I decided years of yoyo dieting have wrecked my ability to lose weight and keep it off. I have made myself 3 rules:
1) Only one piece of bread (seeded or granary) a day
2) No alcohol in the week
3) Sensible snacks when hungry
This feels different because it is not a diet, I have made it up myself (!) it is simple, and I am feeling positive. Trying to focus on changing my habits slowly rather than losing x amount of weight. Like you I get frustrated with diets as I do not see results quickly enough, I tell myself one pound a week and by .... You'll weigh ..... Then get annoyed when its not happening and start bingeing again. I have done every diet under the sun and here I am at my heaviestsad
I feel like I have all areas of my life sorted except for this. I know personally I could not do a programme like Cambridge or Lighter Life because I would just revert to my bad habits once the weight came off.
Anyway enough waffle about me! I am happy to try and support you if that would help, I have a lot of issues around food myself. Take care of yourself.

Laineymc7 Mon 12-Sep-16 06:46:27

Have you tried slimming world? A lot of friends of mine have had a lot of success with this. One lost 5 stone and has kept it off.

PrincessHairyMclary Mon 12-Sep-16 06:52:22

Unfortunately there are no quick fixes. Lighter life and other programs don't teach you good, healthy habits and you'll just put it all back on again when you finish the program.

Losing weight is just about making small, tiny changes to your lifestyle so that you can get rid of the excess fat and keep it off.

I found logging everything through MyFitnessPal and using a Fitbit to encourage me to move more to be great tools in losing weight. They also log your weight onto a graph so you can see your progress which is helpful to see your personal pattern of weight loss and plateaus and it helps you see any changes that might be slowing you down, not moving as much or eating more than before.

Being prepared and meal planning has also helped my will power and stopped me reaching for the sugary stuff, I don't go without anything I just factor it in and eat in moderation. Looking for patterns in my behaviour of bad habits and replacing them with healthier ones, Fri and Saturday nights I'd easily polish off a big bag of chocolate now I have frozen grapes, sweet and delicious and much better for me than chocolate.

BrieAndChilli Mon 12-Sep-16 07:30:25

I lost a stone in a month but in a very unhealthy way (skipping meals, eating less than 500 calories some days etc) not recommended BUT I have found the immediate weight loss has spurred me on and I am now doing loads of exercise plus the starving for a few weeks has taken away my sugar and snack cravings so I find I don't want to snack as often. I'm now just eating healthily but in a sustainable way so still having treats - but once a week instead of every day etc.

I know that extremes diets/shake diets etc are frowned upon for long term weight loss but sometimes you need an immediate win mentally in order to then go forward.

Bunnyjo Mon 12-Sep-16 08:31:07

OP, I felt like you 2.5 weeks ago - I am 5'3" and weighed in at 14st 8lb, which was the heaviest I have ever been.

I'd spent much of the last decade either pregnant or breastfeeding, then studying for a degree and I'd allowed myself to get fatter and fatter.

During that time I often dieted; usually getting down to 11 or 12st something before falling off the wagon in spectacular fashion and being back to where I started (or bigger) in much less time than it had taken me to lose the weight in the first place.

This time I have downloaded MFP and I use my Fitbit to track my activity throughout the day - I aim to consume less than 1400 Kcal and to walk a minimum of 10000 steps per day and have so far I have lost 9lbs. I have also completely cut out alcohol; not only was I consuming the calories from the glass(es) of wine, but I would also end up eating lots of nibbles with it - a double whammy, so to speak.

I know I am not even 3 weeks in and I could end up back where I started in no time, but in a smidge over 2 years I will be 40 and I don't want to spend my 40s feeling fat and frumpy, like I have my 30s.

timeforabrewnow Mon 12-Sep-16 08:41:28

Look up the 'The No S diet'

No sugar, snacks or second helpings on any day - unless the day begins with an S (Saturday or Sunday)

Try it for 3 weeks, and then keep going for life - no calorie counting, and easy to stick to after the initial 3 weeks.

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