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Help! Weight is yo yoing like crazy

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artisanalshit Wed 07-Sep-16 08:20:54

So my weight has always been up and down. I've done a whole load of diets, weight watchers, slimming world and all the rest.

I lose the weight and then put it back on. So after feeling crappy and feeling the effects I did the whole30. I lost a load of weight, felt amazing and thought I've cracked it.

It take a couple of bad meals and I completely lose all willpower and eat like a pig. And I mean just eat and eat and eat.

And now, I've put on all my weight and then some. WTF?! Seriously, I'm sabotaging myself. I need to get my shit together. But somehow can't. I'm not even drinking the glugs of water I should be.

I can't exercise much as I'm recovering from ankle surgery. So I'm walking but that it

So mumsnet, what do you do when this happens?! I'm vexing a huge heffalump and need help!!

CrepeDeChineWag Wed 07-Sep-16 08:34:20

I emphathise. I've done this a few times myself. Lose the weight, feel great, buy new clothes, start getting compliments and then gradually slip into my old ways, put the weight back on, clothes too tight, feel like shit. I thought I'd cracked it this time around but unfortunately an ankle injury (spooky!) meant I couldn't exercise for 6 weeks and then I went on holiday and over indulged and since then I just haven't been able to motivate myself.

I usually need an event to work towards - a wedding, a birthday, a holiday but I think that's half the problem! I switch off after the event.

I think the key too not yo yoing is moderation and I'm an all or nothing sort of person. I suspect you're like me?

Probably not helpful but wanted to say you're not the only one!

Runningupthathill82 Wed 07-Sep-16 11:41:39

I think your problem is this:
done a whole load of diets, weight watchers, slimming world and all the rest
The problem with a diet is that it's a temporary thing and always has to stop. Your underlying "normal" way of eating doesn't change, so when you stop the diet you're always going to put the weight back on.

My sister does this. She'll successfully lose weight for a wedding, a holiday or whatever, and then stop - and go back to her "normal" of large portions, snacks and puddings. Then the whole process repeats a few months later.

What you need to do is stop thinking of a diet, and stop thinking about aiming to lose weight. That may sound trite but honestly, it worked for me, and (bar pregnancy) I've never put any weight back on.

Instead, thinking about eating healthily, forever, and eating how slim people eat - starting today. If you eat like a slim and healthy person, you will become a slim and healthy person. You need to create a new "normal."

That means nothing is completely off limits forever, but day to day you won't be eating any ready meals, nothing pre-prepared, nothing that says "diet" or "low fat" on it - just veg, fruit, meat, full fat dairy, the odd bit of wholemeal bread and pasta. Proper food, basically.
Since we adopted the "no crap food, just healthy food" approach four or five years ago, we never go down the biscuit/cake/crisps aisles in the supermarket, so this stuff is never in the house. That helps DH as he is easily tempted!

Nothing is "banned" for us, but desserts are maybe once a month, and only really if we go out to eat. Alcohol might be the odd glass of good wine. Fast food - rarely or never. But if we have a dessert, we enjoy it and go for a decent cheesecake or something, not a sad WW yoghurt.

Eating like this means I never feel like I'm depriving myself as I can eat whatever I like, I just have to balance it out over the week.
It becomes habit and then normal, and before you know it, eating a biscuit would never occur to you. Because there aren't any biscuits in the house, and that sort of stuff is no longer part of your everyday diet, it's just not a consideration.

Whereas my sister, for example, will have a "bad" day where she eats a biscuit and feels guilty. Then she eats a load of biscuits, feel she's "cheated", then gives up and eat crap for several more days. Until the diet starts again.

At the moment you sound like you're in a cycle that's making you really unhappy. You need to break that cycle and say from now on,no diets, just healthy food for the whole family, forever. Forget weight, think of it as being about health. The scales will follow in time.

Being slim isn't an accident that happens to some people, it's a byproduct of eating well over a long period of time. It doesn't "start" and "end" like a diet does. It's not about deprivation.

It must be frustrating that you can't exercise at the moment, but size is mainly down to food consumed anyway. If you start the healthy eating now then exercise can follow in time.

Sorry for the lengthy post - I hope that makes some sense! Just wanted to give another perspective. Good luck.

artisanalshit Wed 07-Sep-16 17:37:45

Crepe I can relate to you!

I'm not eating to fulfill the function, to get full. I'm mindlessly eating crap. And it's amazing and slightly terrifying how much I can put away.

Running, it make sense. Whole30 was giving me a better relationship with food. I was eating properly and making an effort at each meal. And I became aware of what the food was doing. I even stopped getting migraines and that afternoon slump.

When I think about it, the days where I get lazy and have a protein bar for lunch because I just can't be bothered, sets off a day where I just keep eating.

I am unhappy. I was losing weight, feeling healthier. And now I've put on 30 pounds. I feel unhealthy.

I want to get to a point where one meal out, doesn't mean a day or weekend of eating shit

NightNightBadger19962 Wed 07-Sep-16 17:47:18

It's normal (but crappy)...diets basically a) trigger a physiological response that makes your body crave food more when food is available, and not feel satisfied b) trains your metabolism to be really really good at putting on weight (see recent research about the metabolic rate of ex 'Biggest Loser' contestants).

CrepeDeChineWag Wed 07-Sep-16 19:15:30

Great advice running and enbarassingly I know all of this and this is what I do to lose weight successfully. I plan and shop accordingly. I am mindful about what I eat and focus on real food. I have either a couple of biscuits or a piece of cake or a glass of wine or a pudding once a week. I enjoy the food and feel great. Then I just self sabotage ... that's the problem. I'm not 'dieting' I don't do faddy diets (anymore) but once I get to a certain point (usually when I am just into the 'normal' weight range I lose control. I don't understand why I can't just carry on. Maybe I am just a natural glutton.

CrepeDeChineWag Wed 07-Sep-16 19:16:49

Sorry to hijack OP blush

Msqueen33 Wed 07-Sep-16 19:19:18

I've got a bad relationship with food. For me foods are labelled bad and good. When I have something "bad" even a piece of chocolate that's me done for. I have issues with moderation and am a huge emotional eater. It's a constant struggle as I know things have to be a lifestyle change. I lost a lot of weight before summer but then put it back on and now need to lose it again.

BrieAndChilli Wed 07-Sep-16 19:31:27

I agree that you need to change your way of eating rather than diet.
Smaller portions - eg lasagne I have a smaller portion than the kids but have lots of veg or salad.
No snacks generally I find if I have one snack then I have another.
No drinks other than tea and water - a glass of coke or juice has ridiculous amounts of calories that you don't realise.

My friend will diet for the week before xmas/holiday etc so will lose say 5lbs but then over the holiday when she relaxes and enevitably puts on a few pounds shes only back to her normal weight rather than in a position of feeling bad for putting on weight!! I think I may adopt this method!

I think the key is still having naughty food but reducing the portion. Eg on holiday I had 1/2 a scone with cream, fish and chips but didn't eat all the batter, ice lolly instead of ice cream etc. Only put 1-2 lb on which was less than I was expecting!

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