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Agh! Advice please!

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BlancheDuBois2 Sun 04-Sep-16 22:44:10

Background - I'm overweight, deffo have a BMI of over 30 but am too chicken to actually weigh myself and find out what it is.

I'm staying with my parents at the moment following a break up, and my parents are always bringing up my weight. As in, at least twice a day. Every day.

My mum talks about food non-stop - how much her friends did/didn't eat at dinner last night, the new diet she's heard about... Etc.

After my dad spent the afternoon talking IRL and on Facebook about the proposed changes to NHS guidelines, and how people who are overweight should be forced to lose weight or pay for their treatment I've resorted to crying in my room. Like a teenager!

It's not like I enjoy being fat, and I know it's a problem (diabetes 2 etc) but I've got a history of mental health problems and think it's probably related to that. Anyway, any suggestions how I can tell the pair of them to fuck right off, but without being that rude? Or should I just be that rude?

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