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****Carboholics Anonymous Week *15* ****

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frogdelalune Thu 01-Feb-07 21:15:55

That's better

Helllloooooooooo everyone <<waves madly>>
<<wonders why the spacing isn't working right>>

stitch Thu 01-Feb-07 21:38:52

hello froggie, i think i like you.

frogdelalune Thu 01-Feb-07 21:42:13

Hello stitch. Nice to meet you.

Glad to see you found your way to the new and improved thread

Now just excuse me while I try to find Sally.......... I seem to have lost her

frogdelalune Thu 01-Feb-07 21:48:15

Ooooh. I've just spotted her.

Sally if you've got a bad chest infection you shouldn't be baring said chest, £50,000 or no £50,000. Wrap it up and rub some vicks on it

frogdelalune Sat 03-Feb-07 16:48:09

Coo.........I've aquired an awesome thread killing ability

sallystrawberry Sat 03-Feb-07 16:54:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

frogdelalune Sat 03-Feb-07 21:08:59

Sorry you're feeling so rough strawb , but that's quite a kick start... 2 stone!

sallystrawberry Sat 03-Feb-07 21:11:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

frogdelalune Sat 03-Feb-07 21:31:54

Still, that's 14 bags of sugar ! (That's how I visualise weight loss - a bag of sugar being about 2lbs)

What's all this member profile stuff ? I don't know, three weeks away and it's all change...

...also, my name looks like froqdelalune in the blue bar now.........or did it always look like that

frogdelalune Sat 03-Feb-07 21:33:56

...and the list of "last 60 convos with new messages" looks more spaced out..........have they been fiddling with it again while I was away??

sallystrawberry Sat 03-Feb-07 21:36:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

OrmIrian Mon 05-Feb-07 12:48:57

frog! Where've you been???

Sorry you've been ill Strawb. My DH has been ill too - chest infection as well. Not nice. 2 stone is great.

Sorry folks but i've abandoned you all. I am trying to eat a 'sensible diet' atm - not Atkins, just lower carb, no sugar apart from a little fruit but I am allowing myself some bread, rice etc. No processed foods. Loads of water I just reached the end of my rope - been basically maintaining for about 18 months now and I would rather maintain on a more 'normal' diet. I have learned some very important lessons over the last 2.5 years - I need protein to feel full, I have a problem with processed high carb foods and sugar, and that I can never ever just relax and enjoy food because my cravings always mug me in the end . I also need to get my body image sorted out - I still feel quite big most of the time although I'm in smaller jeans than I've ever worn in my life and my BMI is 21 - so something is wrong and it's probably in my head. I'm starting karate and going back to the gym because I feel more empowered and better about my body when I'm physically active and fit. So bye for now but if it's OK I'll still be around and will probably be coming back into the fold from time to time when I need to lose a bit.

peanutbutter Mon 05-Feb-07 18:40:59

OrmIrian your post really resonates with me - esp " I need protein to feel full, I have a problem with processed high carb foods and sugar, and that I can never ever just relax and enjoy food because my cravings always mug me in the end".

i've now stopped with the induction and am trying low carb - are you managing your hunger pangs and cravings okay?

ernest Mon 05-Feb-07 19:13:25

hi everyone, I'm back from my holiday, which was eventful - 3 children with scarlet fever, 1 husband with chest infection, ear infections and (man) flu. But worst of all - a cake buffet every afternoon followed by a 6 course dinner every night Including 2 evenings with dessert buffet!). Needless to say, the assault on my waist line has been severe. I burst out of one pair of jeans after 2 days, and the other pair just got tighter and tighter....

Ormirian & peanut butter, may I recommend to you this book ? I ordered it before I went away, so was the ideal thing to come home to. I found her suggestions on cravings and healthy relationship with food to be excellent so far (only been reading it for 3 days) but so far very impressed, and for a fiver or whatever it is (£5.99, so a bit cheaper from than from amazon) got nowt to lose.

Sorry you've also been ill, ss.

sallystrawberry Mon 05-Feb-07 19:15:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

frogdelalune Mon 05-Feb-07 20:07:54

Hi Ormirian

I've been away due to bloody, buggery, BT. We were without a phone line for three whole weeks , and have only got a temporary line connection even now

Here I am all pleased at being back and the thread has suddenly gone oh so quiet, and now you're leaving us

Think you doing the right thing in boosting your self esteem through exercise. It really empowers you and makes you feel good about yourself doesn't it? A feeling of being in control.
Don't abandon us completely eh ?
How are Shy and Nosy doing ?

I'm back on track having lost the 10lbs I put on at Christmas. That's a total of 2 stone I've lost low carbing, the same as Strawb.
I still want to lose another one and a half/two stone though so I've got to crack on.

Peanut how are you and Mr peanut doing ?

frogdelalune Mon 05-Feb-07 20:13:05

Took me so long to get the last message posted, that in the meantime both strawb and ernest had posted.

Hi strawb.

Hi ernest. Sounds like you had a miserable time of it. Hope everyone is feeling better now.

ernest Mon 05-Feb-07 20:34:43

No, I had a lovelyholiday, sure, it would've been better with healthy kids, but they're little troopers and still went skiing every day. The youngest got poorly on 1st day and I recognised the scarlet fever symptoms immediately, so straight off to doctors for antibiotics, same w. ds1 & ds3 so nipped in bud quickly, just limited a bit what we could do as they were infectious. Fab hotel (Kinderhotel Lowen in Serfaus) had a lovely time despite all the food and doctors visits!

stitch Mon 05-Feb-07 21:49:45

hi all, hope all of you people who hve been ill feel better soon.
im only on day 8 of induction, but am very pleased with weight loss so far. 5 pounds and already feel thinner. can i assk a few question ssplese?
howlong should i stay on induction? currently i am about 2 and ahalf stone over weight. should i do oonly another week, or stay on for a bit longer? because i cn see the pounds coming off, im not having ny problems with cravnings as such. if i increse my carb intake as atkins suggests, then the weight loss will slow down, and im sure i will have seriouis problems with crvingss.
can i ever have bread again?
can a person do too much excercise during induction?
when can i go out and get drunk?

OrmIrian Tue 06-Feb-07 11:14:37

stitch - at least 2 weeks but as long as you want as long as you are getting most of your carbs from green veg. Some people never really leave induction but that's probably not wise as you are supposed to get used to eating a sensible level of carbs eventually - the point at which you don't lose and you don't gain - and you won't learn where that is if you stay on induction.

Booze - not encouraged on induction but TBH i've downed the odd G&T without damage. Just make sure that the T is low-cal. If you are drinking stick to dry white wine (champagne is good ), spirits and low-cal mixers. Not beer and not sweet drinks like Baileys etc. Beware the ketosis-alcohol effect!! You get p*ssed much quicker and you can end up losing weight dramatically over the toilet bowl if you overdo it!

Can you ever eat bread? If you stay on a low-carb diet you shouldn't really although the Clarke plan allows a small amount. But once you've reached target you might find that you can eat small amounts of bread without problems - I find that sweet things are worse for me, I'm OK with wholemeal/wholegrain bread. But who am I to talk as I've thrown in the towel . The great thing about Atkins/low-carb is that if you do it carefully and you observe the way your metabolism changes as you go along, you will be able to understand much more about how your body works with certain types of foods. I discovered that I have a slight wheat intolerance and that I react very badly to MSG - things that I never noticed when I was eating everything.

Congrats on the 5lbs by the way Good luck !

OrmIrian Tue 06-Feb-07 11:15:56

Sorry - I forgot the exercise question. No you can't do too much. You might find that you are totally without energy for a while as youre body gets used to burning stored fat rather than dietary carbs. But it will pass and you'll feel better than ever.

stitch Tue 06-Feb-07 21:00:54

thanks for your lovely detialed advice ormirion..
still sticking with both the excercise and the induction. shattered today. but as long as i keep losing weight!

peanutbutter Wed 07-Feb-07 13:58:07

hello all! ernest it sounds like you had a good holiday despite everything. a dessert buffet though...i've got my mouth hanging open just thinking of it

i'm now trying to stick to lowcarb - no bread and other obv stuff but i'm having wine and a bit of fruit and more veg.

breakfasts are still the one to crack, though i'm considering having yoghurt with nuts/seeds/a few raisins in. haven't lost any more than the 6lbs froggie, which is rather disappointing, dh has lost about 10lbs and he's thrilled with that. I now know incontrovertibly that when i'm hungry i need to eat a big lump of protein, anything carby that way disaster lies. Last night i came home to a freezing cold house, with a cat and my toddler both yowling round my feet. i thought - i'll just have a bread stick while i'm sorting them out.

you can guess what happened next

yeahinaminute Wed 07-Feb-07 14:18:06

Hi everyone - would you mind if I joined you??

I did Slimming World last year and had reasonable success on it - lost about 1.5 st - anyway since I stopped all but about 3lbs has crept back on like some SAS stealth squad !!

I always feel better when I reduce my carb intake - but sometimes just don't seem to be able to crack it - you know - good for a week and a half and then reward myself with something unsuitable !!

And when it comes to a drop of something good i have the breaking strain of a Kit Kat !!

Anyway - have been tough as I can on myself for 6 days now - I think I may have only lost about 2lb - but hey it's in the right direction at least .... So - I want to lose as near as i can to a stone by 15th March ( going to Paris !!!) I know it can be done - it's just I'm not sure I really recall how !!

Then continue until I have lost 2.5 - 3 stone in total - I can't make it to classes - I work and DH is often away.

So help and kicks up my not insignificant backside are needed !!

sallystrawberry Wed 07-Feb-07 22:22:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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