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How much does Gemma Arterton weigh?

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Badgoushk Sat 03-Sep-16 09:29:47

I'm losing weight and love Gemma Arterton's figure. She's 5ft 7 and I'm 5ft 8 and I'm keen to know how much she weighs so I can calculate her BMI and extrapolate to my height. Online it says 10st 10 but I think that's unlikely. I think she weighs less. What do you think?

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shaggedthruahedgebackwards Sat 03-Sep-16 09:38:34

Agree that Gemma has a gorgeous hourglass figure

Unless you have a very similar body shape to Gemma though, I'm not sure it is helpful focusing on being the same weight as her, if you have a different build or body shape to her then you could easily be her height and weight but look completely different

I would guess she weighs somewhere between 9.5 and 10 stone

EnquiringMingeWantsToKnow Sat 03-Sep-16 09:38:57

She's got very slim hips. If you haven't got that body shape then no amount of dieting will give it to you. Also, whilst she does look fabulous and healthy, I strongly suspect that she stays that weight by means of a ruthless permanent diet like Liz Hurley, so once you'd got there you might have to commit to a very strict maintenance regime and never eat pizza ever again (or do 4:3 fasting). That seems a lot to go through for a size 6 dress when you'd look perfectly lovely in a 10.

Badgoushk Sat 03-Sep-16 10:11:46

Thank you. I do actually have the same body shape! Relatively small waist, slender hips. My boobs aren't quite as big unfortunately but her shape is attainable for me at the right weight.

I have lost perspective of when I look slow m because I've been overweight for so long now! But am getting there!


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Badgoushk Sat 03-Sep-16 10:13:06

Slim that should say!

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Badgoushk Sat 03-Sep-16 10:19:33

This is me at about 11st 4. I'm currently 12st 3 (having lost 4.5 stone after babies!!) x

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BigApple11 Sat 03-Sep-16 10:25:02

OP you look amazing as you are!!

OiWithThePoodlesAlready Sat 03-Sep-16 10:30:54

She looks similar up me (with much much better boobs). I'm 5'8 and weigh about 9.5 stone.

My hips are probably a bit bigger thanks to 2 children.

Badgoushk Sat 03-Sep-16 10:31:02

Ha! That's very kind but I weigh about a stone more than I did in that picture. Plus, what you can't see is my upper arms and thighs which prevent me from wearing sleeveless tops and trousers! When I weighed under 10 stone (years ago!) I felt comfortable wearing those things so would like to get back there!

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Joinourclub Sat 03-Sep-16 10:32:21

You have a fab figure In that pic. Much better than me and I'm over a stone lighter. I'd just focus on getting back to that rather than becoming Gemma Arteton.

OiWithThePoodlesAlready Sat 03-Sep-16 10:34:24

bad you look great in that picture. Very nicely in proportion.

Badgoushk Sat 03-Sep-16 10:42:20

You are all very kind! Thank you!! smile

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shaggedthruahedgebackwards Sat 03-Sep-16 11:18:38

Very jealous of your figure & sorry if my original reply wasn't very helpful!

I am guessing if your got down down to 10.5 stone or less then you would look a lot like GA

mamalovesmojitos Sat 03-Sep-16 11:27:03

You look great op! No idea how much Gemma weighs, but her figure is amazing .... She is just stunning.

Badgoushk Sat 03-Sep-16 14:20:42

shaggedthruahedgebackwards You are too kind!! Ha ha! Your post was very helpful.

Mama thank you too! Yes she has a lovely shape doesn't she! I also think she's probably the kind of shape that women AND men like, whereas I think many 'celebrities' appeal to one or the other. She looks very slim but still healthy and 'soft'.

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Trills Sat 03-Sep-16 14:24:08

This thread will show you that it's very hard to guess people's weight from what they look like.

Badgoushk Sat 03-Sep-16 14:58:35

Trills, yes what a lot of variety!

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Trills Sat 03-Sep-16 15:05:22

I suspect that if I weighed the same as Gemma Aterton (whatever that is), I'd look very thin in the face and have no boobs.

My proportions just wouldn't work out like hers.

So you may have to decide which part of her you want to match... Unless you are lucky and do have similar proportions.

Badgoushk Sat 03-Sep-16 15:14:25

Trills I would have no boobs too!

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Dozer Sat 03-Sep-16 15:17:24

I am that kind of height and figure type, but with bigger hips, and didn't look as slim as that when I weighed 9 1/2 stone.

RunningLulu Sun 04-Sep-16 00:24:50

It's really hard to guess someone's size and weight on camera. My bet is she's actually 8-9 stones but looks bigger because of camera & her figure (people with proportionally large breasts tend to).

Trills Sun 04-Sep-16 09:49:26

But do you think she looks "bigger than 8-9 stone?"

In order to do so you'd have to have an idea in your head of what 8-9 stone looks like.

And from the 2 ongoing if you are 5' 6 or if you are 5' 7/8 threads, I just don't think that anyone can confidently have a good idea of what 9 stone looks like.

OiWithThePoodlesAlready Sun 04-Sep-16 10:50:13

There is no way she is 8 stone at that height! Before I had dd2 I weighed 8.5 stone and looking back I was absaloutly tiny, no shape to me at all.

yumyumpoppycat Sun 04-Sep-16 14:34:06

I remember being astounded when a 17 year old I worked with (petite heightwise) weighed 7lbs more than me and was 10 and half stone, the reason was that she did quite a lot of ballet and although she didnt look muscular really, she looked v slim, clearily she must have been and that can lead to a smaller, heavier body.

TaIkinPeace Sun 04-Sep-16 14:42:24

I've seen her in real life and she looked scrawny to me (I'm 5'5 and 9st so it was not jealousy)

visible ribs above the boobs was not a good look

she's 5'7 and I reckon she weighed less than me - 8st 10lb ish

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