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Look different under the fat

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Badgoushk Fri 02-Sep-16 23:39:45

Okay, this might sound weird but... I have lost weight (4.5 stone) and still have 1/2 stone to go before normal BMI. However, I used to be this weight in my early 20s (now late 30s). The thing is, I think the body under the fat looks different now and it's not what I was expecting!! Thighs are leaner/more muscly, generally more sinewy. My pelvis feels wider. My toes are bonier!

Has anyone else experienced this? The grand reveal of fat has unveiled something unexpected!

popcornpaws Mon 05-Sep-16 11:02:27

I always thought i was curvy, turns out i'm not!
I thought i was "big boned" as they say, but actually as the fat disappeared I'm quite narrow.
My big boobs have gone, and i must admit i love that!
When i catch a glance of myself in a shop window for example i always think i don't look like how i think i do at all!

Badgoushk Mon 05-Sep-16 20:53:05

Me too! My shoulders are narrower than I thought! And my hips. It's funny isn't it?!

SpookyPotato Wed 07-Sep-16 23:24:48

I realised I wasn't destined for the humongous baps I'd had while fat... Losing weight revealed a small neat C cup. My boobs get really big while overweight so I always thought at least some of that was in my genes.
Also I never knew I had good cheekbones until I was 21!

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