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T5, thermo, caffeine pills any recommendations?

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stripeyzebra32 Thu 01-Sep-16 22:52:59

Sorry if this is in the wrong place, wasn't quite sure where to post.

Two years ago I tried a product that gave me the most energy and gave me a get up and go attitude and I loved the feeling. I didn't take it every day but when I was feeling lethargic and needed a boost.

Unfortunately that product was a Herbalife drinking tea. I used the whole kit and can say it did nothing for my weight loss and hates the product but I loved this tea but the price was ridiculous at £30 and would only last a month. So I stopped buying it.

The main ingredient was caffeine so I restarted some caffeine supliments called trim bod I bought a few years back and there ok, if I take 2 it gives me the shakes but 1 is not enough.

Can anyone recommend any similar pill products and tell me about there experience on them?

I'm not actually looking at it as a weight loss supliment as I'm nearly at my target weight but I need a good get up and go supliment so I can get in the gym and tone up.

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