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Want to loose that mummy tummy...

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Tinks15 Wed 24-Aug-16 22:21:13

Hi all

Does anyone have any helpful tips/advice on how to loose my mummy tummy? I seem to have this big mass of wobbly jelly round my waist and i want to shift it asap! I use to be a size 10 before i had my little girl but as it goes sometimes the weight crept on throughout my pregnancy & i've never really lost it. I want to loose the weight healthly but fairly quick (if thats possible) however i dont really have time to go to the gym so thats really a no no for me. My tummy is the main issue here but i do look like i could tone up everywhere to be honest. I want to look in the mirror again and actually like what i see, all my clothes i wear just makes me feel so unattractive. I just feel fat & frumpy & everything just clings to my jelly belly!


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nicotinekisses Mon 29-Aug-16 20:28:37

I am completely the same!!

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