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Low carb, dairy free and breastfeeding

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LurkyLurkerMcLurkface Sat 20-Aug-16 13:19:25

I need to sort out my diet. I'm 6 stone overweight.
Far too much sugar. I had gestational diabetes (DS is now 7mo) and low carbed then. Once the sugar cravings eased off I wasn't hungry at all, and lost weight quickly. I was however ketotic and started insulin pretty quickly.
I would like to try low carb again, but DS is dairy allergic so I have to be dairy free, and so lose a lot of low carb foods. I'm also a bit worried about whether a low carb diet could affect my milk supply.
It's a bit of a specific situation, but does anyone have any advice/experience?

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sunshineandmarbles Sun 21-Aug-16 01:15:05

Have you considered paleo? I don't do it myself, but it is low carb and (generally) dairy free. It could be worth reading a bit about it because it sounds like it could suit what you're after.

I'm not sure about low carb affecting your milk supply, but I would suggest just being kind to yourself! You won't be breastfeeding forever, so maybe you could look at going in stages rather than everything at once. Start by cutting out processed sugar - it's just empty calories that won't help you to feel full. Try eating more protein and more veggies, and having wholemeal rice/pasta instead of white. Small changes can make a big difference, especially when you've got such a little baby and need energy to look after him.

JeopardyMouse Tue 23-Aug-16 14:58:10

I'm low carb and breastfeeding. I think it can work - and doesn't affect my supply at all. In my experience you just need to make sure you focus on eating fat and meat. Bone broth is good, avocados, chia seed pudding made with coconut cream plus lots of fatty meat. Also combining with intermittent fasting us the most powerful way I've found. All it means is I skip breakfast.

ACubed Wed 24-Aug-16 09:04:13

Hiya, i'm breastfeeding a five month old and trying to eat healthier , and have accidentally been hardly eating carbs, and my milk supply is fine. I think with breastfeeding the body automatically prioritises making good milk over giving the vitamins to you, if that makes sense? And women have been breastfeeding on hardly any food/eating only sporadically for years when we were living in caves. And in developing countries I think I read that unless women are severely malnourished and underweight, breast milk isn't affected. Good luck with it all! X

JeopardyMouse Wed 24-Aug-16 10:15:59

Yes Acubed is right - the body will prioritise breast milk production even when the mother's diet is poor. Although it's best of course to eat well. Also bf is a great way to use energy. I read that lactating breasts use more energy daily than the brain does.

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